Pac-12 Network's Mike Yam goes in depth on ASU football

Pac- 12 Network host, Mike Yam goes in depth on ASU football
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Arizona State’s Herm Edwards is entering his third season with the Sun Devils. Edwards has made sure to surround himself with some of the best in the business on every level. In the last two NFL drafts, ASU football has had two first round draft picks taken. To have a player taken back to back in the first round of the draft speaks volumes for a program. Not just how well they are preparing young men on the field, but also how they are preparing them off the field, as well. Making sure they are men with the highest of character and with Sun Devil football DNA. 

The Sun Devils went 8-5 last year with a Sun Bowl win. This year is the year for the Devils to make a big step forward. AllSunDevils was able to chat with Mike Yam of the Pac-12 Network about Edwards entering his third season, 

“ Just think about all of the relationships he currently has. To me it’s paid dividends. Back to back years with wide receivers taken in the first round. I look at the talent. I look at the quarterback. Jayden really has an opportunity I think, to be the future of this conference at that position. In my mind there is no doubt he’s going to have a lot of success.”

Quarterback Jayden Daniels is entering into his sophomore season. In his first season as QB1, he threw 17 touchdowns with only two interceptions. There are a lot of questions circling around the offensive line and if they can continue to create gaps, but also protect their QB. When asked about Jayden Daniels Yam had this to say, 

“I remember being on campus week one last year for that first start. I think the most impressive thing that you saw not only in that start, but every single game after that, was this idea that the game wasn’t too big for him. He looked like a veteran.”  

Edwards has been very transparent that the heartbeat of this team will be the quarterback. They are building the program around Jayden Daniels. This should be the year they take the big step forward to compete with the Ducks and the Trojans.