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Hugh Freeze believes evaluating Auburn's QB room is hard because 'they truthfully did not have a lot of protection' in 2022

Auburn's porous pass protection last season has made the QB room more difficult to evaluate, according to Hugh Freeze.
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Auburn football has completely reshaped their offensive line for 2023.

After putting together one of the worst offensive lines the Tigers have seen this century, new Auburn head coach Hugh Freeze has been determined since day one to overhaul the position in order to bring some consistency back to Auburn's trenches.

In an interview with Zac Blackerby of the Locked On Auburn podcast at the Senior Bowl, Freeze said it was one of his biggest priorities when he got hired.

"Well, that was the place that you had to try to get fixed first," Freeze said. "I don't know that - when I turned on the film, I don't know that the quarterbacks are getting a fair evaluation, because they truthfully did not have a lot of protection."

In 2022, Auburn's offensive line finished 12th in the SEC in sacks allowed per game and was 105th nationally in sacks per game vs ranked opponents. The line was porous, to put it gently. Whether it was Finley, Ashford, or even Geriner in his few snaps vs Missouri - the Tigers just couldn't hold things together up front.

Now that Freeze has retooled things across the board, the Tigers should expect to have an improved product in the trenches this upcoming season.

"You had to get that somewhat fixed - have we? I don't know," Freeze said. "I know we improved ourselves, but I think the 2024 and 2025 classes are going to be really vital for whether we succeed or not."

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