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Auburn Daily Roundtable: What are you most thankful for as an Auburn fan?

What are you most thankful for?
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What are you most thankful for as an Auburn fan?

That's the question we sought to answer here at Auburn Daily on Thanksgiving.

These are our thoughts.

Q: What are you most thankful for as an Auburn fan?

Zac: Auburn fans should be thankful that they are relevant in every sport and a well rounded program. Auburn football, even in a down year, generated a ton of national attention. Men's basketball is a no-brainer. Women's basketball seems to be headed in the right direction. Obviously, what Butch Thompson has done lately is amazing with baseball. There's also gymnastics reaching a final four with Suni, equestrian being great, and several more that I'm sadly going to have to leave out.

Lindsay: As stereotypical as this sounds, that Auburn fans are a family and not just "people who cheer for the same football team". I've been greeted with "War Eagle" in random airports, every time I've met strangers they've always had a friend or a coworker who went to Auburn and they have nothing but good things to say. I've been welcomed at tailgates, had parents come over to talk to me about their kids getting coached by Butch, and just always made to feel like the "Auburn family" isn't a thing we made up, but it's true, and real.

Cooper: As an Auburn fan, I’m most thankful for On To Victory right now. What they are doing is great, and I think it’s really going to benefit us in the years to come. They've raised over $10 million in the first month of their campaign.

Jeremy: A new football coach. Let’s get excited people. There are some phenomenal names on our coaching hot board. People want this job! Auburn football may be in a renaissance, and that is definitely something to be thankful for as an Auburn fan. That being said, I am most thankful for Bruce Pearl.

Jack: Interim Head Coach Carnell Williams. Although I was a toddler when he was playing here, the jersey I have, the highlights I’ve watched, and the stories I’ve heard of Coach Caddy being an absolute beast on the field made an impact on me. To see a man who is the definition of humility be so incredibly grateful for this opportunity is awesome. After a coach who seemed like this job was a burden instead of a gift, Carnell is the breath of fresh air I needed to start to enjoy watching Auburn football again.

Lance: I'm excited about the refresh Auburn football is undergoing. The program had quickly gotten stale over the last two seasons and the combination of a new head coach, a strong NIL collective, and a new football facility should have folks hyped up. Things should be looking up in a big way this offseason.

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