BYU Quarterback Cade Fennegan Not Listed on Media Days Roster

BYU quarterback Cade Fennegan
BYU quarterback Cade Fennegan / BYU Photo
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On Wednesday, the BYU football program released a new roster in advance of Big 12 media days. Originally, three scholarship players were removed from the online roster: safety Ty Burke, tight end Bentley Redden, and offensive lineman Peter Falaniko. Quarterback Cade Fennegan, who was rumored to have moved on from football and joined the staff, was still listed on the online roster as of early Wednesday morning. However, Fennegan was not included on the roster that was handed out at Big 12 Media Days, indicating that the rumors about his move into coaching are true.

Fennegan's move from quarterback to coaching was first reported by Ben Criddle of ESPN 960.

Cade Fennegan spent three years with the BYU football program from 2021-2023. Fennegan was BYU's third-string quarterback throughout the majority of his time at BYU.

Generally speaking, attrition in the quarterback room does not come as a surprise. BYU had 10 quarterbacks on the roster during Spring camp. Since then, Cade Fennegan, Ryder Burton, and Nick Billoups have either transferred out of the program or moved on from football. BYU needed some attrition to make the numbers work.

With fewer quarterbacks in the room, there will be more reps to go around for younger quarterbacks like McCae Hillstead, Treyson Bourguet, and Noah Lugo. The quantity of quarterbacks has never been an issue going into 2024, rather quality. Who will win the job? And will the eventual starter be good enough to get BYU back to a bowl game?

The quarterback hierarchy will be the top storyline of Fall camp.

Casey Lundquist


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