Tracking All the Changes on BYU's Depth Chart Against Troy

Casey Lundquist

BYU football released their official depth chart for their upcoming game against Troy - it looks a little different than the depth chart they released for Navy. Here are all the changes to BYU's depth chart:

1. Baylor Romney QB2


Baylor Romney was listed as the co-backup against Navy. This week, he is listed as the backup QB and Jaren Hall listed as the third-string quarterback. It's worth noting that Jaren Hall has battled injuries over the last few weeks.

Against Navy, Romney threw for 47 yards on 4 attempts. 

2. Isaac Rex as starting tight end, Lane Lunt as backup tight end

Believe it or not, Matt Bushman was listed as the starting tight end when BYU released the depth chart for Navy. Bushman went down with a season-ending injury only hours after BYU released that depth chart. Isaac Rex moved into the starting role and Lane Lunt was listed as his backup.

3. Miles Davis listed at kick return

RB Jackson McChesney suffered a season-ending injury against Navy. McChesney was listed as one of two kick returners against the Midshipmen. True freshman Miles Davis will take his spot - Davis ran track in high school. I sat down with Davis earlier this summer to discuss his path to BYU:

There were no changes on BYU's defensive depth chart.

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