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BYU Football Signee Kody Epps Interview: Part 2

BYU Football wide receiver Kody Epps discusses why he signed during the early signing period with BYU

This is the second part of an exclusive interview with BYU 2020 signee Kody Epps. To watch parts 1 & 3 of the interview you can click on the links below:

Click here to watch to part 1.

Click here to watch part 3.

Kody Epps talks through his recruiting timeline with BYU:

  • First time he came in contact with BYU was through former BYU QB John Beck
  • Met Coach Gilford on the sideline before the St. John Bosco game
  • Offered by Coach Roderick two weeks after meeting Coach Gilford
  • Kody Epps makes an official visit to BYU
  • 2-3 weeks after his visit to BYU, Kody Epps and his family were on board to sign with BYU, but not to sign during the early signing period
  • Kody Epps woke up one morning and felt that signing early was the right thing to do and immediately called Coach Fesi Sitake to commit to signing early 

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So why did Kody Epps choose to sign with BYU? The authenticity of BYU coaches, the quality of BYU's business school- specifically the Marketing program, and the  support of BYU fans all played a role in Kody's decision. Kody said "BYU is the place for me... I feel this is the perfect fit."

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