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BYU Football Signee Kody Epps Interview: Part 3

BYU Football wide receiver Kody Epps on his first impression of BYU fans and his preparations for the upcoming season.

This is the second part of an exclusive interview with BYU 2020 signee Kody Epps. To watch parts 1 & 2 of the interview you can click on the links below:

Click here to watch to part 1.

Click here to watch part 2.

BYU Fans:

When asked about his first impression of BYU fans, Kody said “signing with BYU, I felt so loved and I felt at peace with my decision because the fans were so- it was almost like virtual hospitality. I’m getting messages, all these tweets and stuff about how they’re so excited… and I was just very appreciative.”. Adding, “It’s something I’ll remember forever”.

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How He’s Preparing for his Freshman Year:

Kody is keeping in shape by sticking to his workout regime at his family gym. While stuck in quarantine, Kody has been focusing on staying light on his feet, fluidity of motion, and getting stronger and bigger in size. He’s been checking in regularly with Coach Fesi to make sure that he’s ready when it’s “time to roll” this upcoming football season. Kody still plans to report to campus on June 21, 2020. And while he admits he’s coming in “green”, he says he’s excited to “come and do whatever I can for my team to win… and to give back to the fans who opened their arms to me”.

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