FOX Analyst Says Lawrence 'Should Pull an Eli Manning'


Trevor Lawrence created quite the stir on Tuesday when he was asked about his future and the possibility of returning to Clemson for his senior season. 

It has long been assumed that Lawrence was going to be the number one pick in next April's draft and the junior quarterback has even gone as far as confirming over the summer that he was planning on this being his final collegiate season.

However, it is now starting to look more likely that the New York Jets will be the team with the first pick. With all the troubles the franchise has experienced over the past decade or so, the narrative has quickly shifted from should Lawrence return to Clemson for a fourth season to should he just do what Eli Manning chose to do and refuse to play for the team with the top overall pick. 

"I think he should pull an Eli Manning," FOX analyst Aaron Torres said. "I think he should refuse to play for the New York Jets, if they end up with the number one pick. I believe he is the best college quarterback I've ever seen. Other guys have had more dynamic seasons but I've never seen a guy with the physical tools that Trevor Lawrence does. He's one of most physically gifted players I've ever seen."

The Jets have arguably been one of the most dysfunctional organizations over the past decade and Torres thinks that a talent the likes of Lawrence should be very hesitant to put his future in the hands of this particular franchise. 

"The Jets have not proven at all, that they can figure out how to acquire talent, how to draft talent, how to evaluate talent," Torres said. "They're gonna be on their third head coach in four years and if I'm Trevor Lawrence I'm just saying, 'I'm not putting my career on the line for that organization.'"

Going a route similar to the one Eli Manning chose in 2004 when he refused to play for the San Diego Chargers does seem a little out of character for the player we now know Lawrence to be. 

"If I'm advising Trevor Lawrence, I say, 'Look, I know you don't want to be the bad guy,'" Torres said. "'I know you don't want to set everybody off on the wrong foot the second you get to the NFL. You don't want to look like a prima donna, but this is your career we're talking about, this is your life that we're talking about, and you only get one shot at this NFL thing.' I would advise him, I would tell him to stay away."

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