Clemson Had a Little TV With Breakfast After FSU Cancellation

Clemson defensive end K.J. Henry says after learning of the cancellation of the game against Florida State, the Tigers chose to watch some film on Pitt while they ate breakfast.

The late cancellation of the fourth-ranked Tigers game against Florida State wasn't the only odd thing to happen for Clemson on Saturday.

The team was notified about the cancellation as they were about to eat breakfast. Suddenly, just like that, the players and coaches had some extra time on their hands while arrangements were being made to get the team home early. 

Defensive end K.J. Henry said the Tigers decided to make the most out of an unusual situation. The team chose to go ahead and flip the page to next weekend's opponent and started watching the film of Pitt while they ate their breakfast. Something they wouldn't normally be doing on a Saturday morning.

"We were onto the next chapter, as you can as you can imagine, and started getting ready for the next opponent," Henry said. "Out of our control, so we start controlling the things we could and next up was Pitt, so that's what we started doing. Watching a little film. A little TV with your breakfast. That's how it was on Saturday morning."

Henry says that for the first during his time at Clemson that head coach Dabo Swinney was late to breakfast and that in and of itself was a sign of things to come. Moments later Swinney arrived to tell the team they would not be playing Florida State as originally planned.

"I was with the team, we were all together, ready for our morning breakfast," Henry said. "I could just, I felt like something like that was coming. Coach Swinney was a little late to breakfast and that never happens, like that was the first time out of all three years I've been here. It sounds like something bad is going on, and sadly I was right, he came in and game canceled."

Henry says that the circumstances of Saturday morning were definitely out of the ordinary. However, the team chose to focus on the things they could control and quickly turned their attention away from Florida State and onto Pitt. 

"Very weird to be in Florida on vacation and watching film. Very weird, but we had a we had a focused group. Doing what needed to be done. Like I said, control what you can and that was the next thing we could control was our game versus Pitt. Have to do what you got to do."

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