Creating 2020 Colorado Buffaloes: Quarterbacks

Chase Howell

For the first installment of creating the 2020 Colorado Buffaloes, where we create the entire team on NCAA College Football 12, we started with the quarterbacks. 

Everything about this roster will be legitimate, as close to being the real team as possible. So we spent an hour creating the quarterbacks, trying to get their ratings as realistic as possible.

Quarterback will be the most interesting position battle for this team as Steven Montez departs for the NFL. The only two scholarship quarterbacks on the roster are Tyler Lytle and Brendon Lewis.

It was not the plan to make them the same overall in order to not tip our hand for where we see the quarterback position going. That is just how it ended up. Both players are 82 overall.

Tyler Lytle


220 pounds

Overall: 82 

Speed: 68 

Strength: 70 

Agility: 70 

Acceleration: 65

Awareness: 70

Break Tackle: 65

Throw Power: 87

Throw Accuracy: 87

Brendon Lewis


210 pounds

Overall: 82

Speed: 82

Strength: 74

Agility: 74

Acceleration: 80

Awareness: 74

Break Tackle: 65

Elusiveness: 72

Throw Power: 85

Throw Accuracy: 81

NCAA Football 12 Screen Shot 3-29-20, 2.27 PM

Apologies for the microphone blowouts. Those will be fixed in the next installments. To view the entire stream visit Twitch here.