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How You Can Help Jordan Davis Win the Heisman

Georgia defensive tackle Jordan Davis is a legitimate candidate for College Football's most prestigious award, the Heisman Trophy. Here's how you can help him.

Defensive players don't win the Heisman. 

That statement has been true for 85 of the 86 years the award has been given to college football's best player. Yet Georgia Football defensive tackle Jordan Davis seems to have a legitimate shot at at least putting his name in the hat, potentially joining Charles Woodson as the only two defensive players to ever win the award. 

It's an award that is voted on by 870 media members, it's 56 living Heisman winners and 1 vote for the fans. And that one vote is currently up for grabs. 

It's just one vote, just .10% of the total vote allotted, however, it's something that could potentially impact the narrative surrounding the award and drive more voters to select Jordan Davis. 

So, here's how you can help. 

Visit: to have your vote cast. 

As of the release of this article, Jordan Davis is firmly in third place behind Kenny Pickett, Matt Corral, and Kenneth Walker III. 

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Kirby Smart was asked about what he thought about the idea of Davis heading to New York for the Heisman ceremony. Here's what he said:

"I love Jordan and what he has done for our defense is incredible. I don't think you can measure the statistics and what he's done for our defense, but I'm no analyst to be deciding who gets to go to the Heisman, and who's up for it. I think that's the media and the talking heads and everybody that gets to be a part of that they control the narrative there. For me, it's about our team and our team's play. Well, Jordan has been a tremendous, tremendous part of that. It's been a bigger bonus to our defense from a confidence standpoint, in a run-stopping standpoint than probably any other measurable stat that we have there."

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