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What should Georgia fans be Thankful for?

With Thanksgiving this Thursday. We take a look at a couple of key figures that Georgia fans should be thankful for

Thanksgiving. A day known for its massive feasting, Turkey eating, and most importantly, giving thanks. As Georgia approaches its 2nd straight undefeated season, we take a look at a few key figures that Georgia fans should be thankful for ahead of the holiday.

Jack Podlesney

While Georgia fans almost certainly would rather score touchdowns than settle for 3 points. Jack Podlesney's consistency is something Bulldog fans should not take for granted. The senior kicker has made 90.9% of his field goals this season, has made all of his extra points, and has not missed a kick under 40 yards this season. Podlesney is truly an underrated weapon for Georgia.

Malaki Starks

Losing a 1st round safety to the NFL draft would spell doom for a majority of defenses. However, Malaki Starks has stepped up in a major way this season. The Freshman currently leads the defense in pass deflections, interceptions, and tackles and has made some key plays during the season. One which includes a clutch rundown tackle in the Missouri game to prevent a touchdown. Without Starks, there's a good chance the Bulldogs are not undefeated up to this point. 

Glenn Schumann and Will Muschamp

After the departure of Dan Lanning and 5 first round picks, the Georgia defense was expected by many to take a major step back from the 2021 season. However, co-defensives coordinators Glenn Schumann and Will Muschamp have led Georgia to a top ranked SEC defense. While the defense is not quite the legendary defense of 2021, this years edition is still elite.

Todd Monken

In the 2019 season, the Georgia offense limped through the regular season and only averaged just over 30 points a game. Now after 3 years, offensive coordinator Todd Monken has revolutionized this Georgia offense into a legitimate threat. Under Monken this season, The Bulldogs are averaging almost 40 points a game and has become Georgia's most prolific offense of the Kirby Smart era.

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Stetson Bennett IV

Love him or hate him, its virtually impossible to mention the recent success Georgia has experienced without mentioning the legend of  "The Mailman". Since taking over the starting job last season, the Bulldogs have amassed a 21-1 record, currently average more points they ever have under Kirby Smart, and have won their first National Title in 41 years. It's likely history will be much kinder to Bennett than Georgia fans have been. But for now, let's give thanks for all "The Mailman" has done.

Kirby Smart

Is this one really a surprise? Head coach Kirby Smart has awoken a sleeping giant in the Georgia Bulldogs and has brought Georgia successes that many fans only believed existed in their dreams. As, Smart begins to build a dynasty through his elite recruiting, defensive schemes, and player development. We can confidently say Georgia is a program currently living in the "Golden Years" and it is all in thanks to Kirby Smart.

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