Pop Warner Powerhouse: Ep. 4 - 2021 TE, Miles Campbell

Brooks Austin

There are few football players that truly identify their calling in terms of position at an early age. In episodes 2 and 3 of Pop Warner Powerhouse, we spoke with Myles "MJ" Morris and Jayden Thomas who were the exception to this edict. 

From age nine onward, Myles Morris played quarterback and only quarterback. Jayden Thomas — though one of the better safeties in the state of Georgia nowadays — will go to college as a wide receiver, where he started from the beginning of his football playing days. 

Miles Campbell was a little bit different, however. Campbell played linebacker, defensive end, and even fullback for the Hiram Hornets. Flash forward to today and he's committed to the University of Tennessee to play tight end on the college level. 

Though it wasn't just the athletic ability that allowed Campbell to play various positions, even up until his high school days, it was his willingness to do whatever the team needed or in the case of the Hornets, whatever Coach Benn asked of him. 

He wasn't always in the best shape though. Coach Benn and he recalled his first day of practice where after Miles' dad — like so many other proud parents — talked up his son to the coach about how many miles he'd been running on the treadmill and how ready he was to get to work. 

He walks us through what it was like to play on such a discipline-based coach even at such a young age, and the lessons he applies to this day. From work ethic to the mental toughness required to play the game of football. 

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