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Top Targets Remaining in the 2022 recruiting class

The 2022 recruiting class has already reached 21 players with just less than two months from early national signing day. So, who are the top targets remaining?

It's late October, early national signing day isn't for another 54 days and Georgia has 21 commits in the 2022 recruiting class. 

Under typical circumstances in prior years, Georgia would be pressed up on numbers already. 

Though thanks to the NCAA's new scholarship rules, they can take up to 32 prospects in one class, depending upon the number of players they've lost to the NCAA transfer portal. So, this year's class is expected to be larger than usual. Sources have indicated between 27 and 30 players could be signed this year. 

So, who does that leave room for? 

We have our Top 10 remaining targets, ranked based on the likelihood of being in the class and priority.

1. Kamari Wilson, DB

With the lack of depth Georgia already has at safety, combined with the potential for the room to be even thinner following the season due to the NFL Draft, Wilson has long been a priority in this class. Will Muschamp has been in charge of this recruitment from the moment he got on campus and has done a tremendous job.

2. Jaheim Singletary, CB

They are going to be taking quite a few defensive backs in 2022, it's been the plan for this class from the moment they realized 7 DBs were exiting the room in one offseason following the 2020 season. Singletary has been the big fish in the waters at corner for them for quite some time. Even dating back to his days as an Ohio State commit, Georgia would successfully work to get Singletary on campus. 

3. Christen Miller, DT

They've got their replacement for Jordan Davis in Bear Alexander. They've got their Travon Walker replacement in Mykel Williams. They've got their Adam Anderson replacement in Darris Smith. What they don't have is someone to replace Devonte Wyatt, and then Jalen Carter the following year. That's where Christen Miller fits in alongside Tyre West. They've pushed hard here as of late, and that late push will need to continue deep into the cycle. There's a battle with the Ohio State Buckeyes going on here. 

4. Shemar Stewart, DE

Stewart is not at No. 4 because he's the fourth most talented player, at this point in the list, likelihood takes over. Georgia is certainly in the mix for Stewart, considered one of the primary contenders alongside Texas A&M, and Ohio State. This is a heavy-weight battle for one of the nation's best. Stewart has stated on multiple occasions, he won't be signing until February. 

5. Earnest Greene, OL

Georgia wasn't planning to take a very deep offensive line class in 2022, they have a log jam at quite a few positions already along the offensive front. But players like Earnest Greene make room for themselves. Georgia already has three offensive linemen in the class — Griffin Scroggs, Jacob Hood, and Aliou Bah. A fourth would round things off nicely.

6. Andre Green Jr, WR

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Green has been on the wide receiver board at Georgia for quite some time, though the buzz surrounding the link between the two has subsided. Perhaps that was a byproduct of Georgia pushing all the chips in on Luther Burden out of St. Louis. Now, with Burden off to Missouri — for now — they might turn their late-cycle attention towards Andre Green again. 

Flip Season

1. Travis Hunter, DB

The Great White Whale. The Moby Dick of the 2022 class for Georgia. Head coach Kirby Smart has made a name for himself on the recruiting trail, and he's no stranger to a flip. Though flipping Travis Hunter from Florida State in this class, just might be the hardest yet. And Kirby Smart is the only other coach to get a visit from the Seminole Commit, for now at least. So, there's hope and that's a feat in and of itself. 

2. Kojo Antwi, WR

Antwi is another one that has been on campus quite a bit this fall. Granted, he's not far from the stadium where he resides in Lambert County, Georgia, but he's still in Athens quite a bit for an Ohio State commit. Georgia has continued to recruit him and he's had a good time this fall. 

3. Julain Humphrey, DB 

There's likely a change coming on the defensive side of that Florida coaching staff and when things like that happen, it's hunting season for opposing coaching on their commits list. Julian Humphrey is target No. 1 for coaches at this point following Shemar James' de-commitment. Georgia hosted Humphrey for an official visit the first weekend of October for the Arkansas matchup. 

4. Shemar James, LB

According to our sources, Georgia is happy with where they sit at inside linebacker in 2022. CJ Washington and Jalon Walker were the top targets and early commits in this class for a reason. That being said, Shemar James sure would be a nice addition. Especially considering you could lose as many as three linebackers this offseason. 

Other Names

  • Walter Nolen, DT
  • Enai White, EDGE
  • Marvin Jones Jr, EDGE

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