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WATCH: Jadon Perlotte Talks Through Commitment to UGA, Calls His Shot

Georgia's latest commit in the form of Jadon Perlotte joins Dawgs Daily in an exclusive interview to discuss why he chose Georgia, and calls his shot on the recruiting trail.

The Georgia Bulldogs has been blisteringly hot on the recruiting trail as of late, and Dawgs Daily has been following the proverbial pawprints as closely as possible. We recently had the chance to sit down with 2023 commit Jamal Meriweather and now, we bring you yet another exclusive interview from 2025 linebacker commit Jadon Perlotte. 

Perlotte is a five-star linebacker out of Buford high school here in the state of Georgia. He's just completed his first full season of varsity football for the Wolves, though he was receiving offers from the likes of Tennessee, Florida State, Miami, LSU, Ohio State, and Georgia before even playing an official snap of high school football. All it took for the nation's premier programs was seeing Perlotte in person. You see how big, long, and fast this young athlete is in person, you'll understand. 

So, let's get to know the latest commit. 

On why he chose Georgia: 

Legendary. I mean, they are gonna be great for the next 10 years, and I already knew where I was going. So, I went ahead and made the decision. 

On the relationship with Coach Glenn Schumann: 

"It's been my dream school for forever. Coach Schumman is a really good coach. I've been to several camps up there with him and he's just such a great coach. I feel like he can make me a better football player and a better man."

On how he would describe his game: 

"I feel like I'm a football player, I can make plays all over the field. That's how I would describe myself, a football player." 

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On how they plan to use him: 

"I'm not going to be playing a position, I'm gonna be playing defense. I feel like my speed at my size, not many people are 6'4, 215 running laterally like I can." 

Georgia has a history of someone with a relatively similar body type and skill set to the one aforementioned in the form of alum, Quay Walker. Walker's ability to cloud the windows of passing lanes with his tremendous length, while simultaneously being able to rush the passer, play the run, and run sideline to sideline is what made him a first-round draft pick. As just a sophomore, Perlotte's frame alone shows signs of that kind of projection and ceiling. 

Georgia has major targets on the Buford roster across multiple classes, and seeing as they now have a commit in the Wolves' den, we figured we'd ask if he'd be pursuing any of his teammates. 

"KJ Bolden and Eddrick Houston, I'll get them to Georgia." 

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