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Why Deion Sanders May Consider the TCU Coaching Vacancy

Deion Sanders' interview with TCU is the logical next step in his coaching progression.

Deion Sanders interviewed for the TCU job.  Don't worry Jackson State and HBCU football fans, it was just an interview, right?

After 29 years experience as professional recruiter,  I can attest that interviews don't equate to offers.  An interview is a conversation that could lead into a job offer.  On the flipside, employers and interviewees use the interview portal as a vehicle of testing the market.  

For Sanders, this is only the beginning of sending out feelers and going through the rigmarole of the Division 1 interviewing process.

Coach Deion Sanders


Reporter Drew Davison broke the news of TCU interviewing Jackson State's head coach Deion Sanders for the vacant head coaching position at Texas Christian University.  His TCU source remarked of Sanders' interview, “but he is in the mix. He was impressive.”

The TCU head coaching search is fresh after they parted with longtime coach Gary Patterson after 22 seasons.

Many a Jackson State faithful expressed concern for Sanders' possibility of leaving the program for a D1 coaching position when he was first hired by the university.  Let's be honest, it's a natural next step for the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

The more immediate concern is for Sanders' health.   He hasn't been seen publicly since the doctors ordered him to rest and recover from complications after his foot surgery.

Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders


There wasn't a mention that TCU officials flew into Jackson, Mississippi, to meet with Sanders, or if an interview occurred over the telephone, or via video conference. Nevertheless, Sanders' interviewing to become TCU's head coach after Gary Patterson's 22 years with the program makes sense. 


  1. Sanders, his fiancée, and most of his family still consider the Dallas area as their primary residence.  
  2. TCU is a Division 1 program in the Big 12.  
  3. The position offers a higher compensation, prestige, national broadcast exposure, and a higher level of competition. 
  4. Texas has abundant football talent for Sanders to recruit.
  5. Another program revival could setup Sanders for elite coaching possibilities in the SEC or NFL.

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Sanders has a wealth of energy and star power that ought to propel the TCU brand back to prominence.  Also, Sanders will have another program renovation project on his hands.  His superb recruiting tactics and ability to assemble a quality coaching staff might help revive the struggling TCU program.

Deion Sanders


I'm not definitively saying that Jackson State will lose Deion Sanders.  To clarify, I am offering an objective vantage point to clearing see why a position with TCU should move him a step closer to obtaining a more noteworthy prize — becoming an NFL head coach. 

With all things considered, Coach Sanders still has unfinished business at Jackson State.

The Tigers are ranked 15th in the FCS coaches poll and 18th in the FCS PERFORM STAT poll for Week 11.

Jackson State heads into the home stretch of the 2021 season. Two games remain on the regular season schedule as the Tigers the Southern Jaguars in Baton Rouge on Saturday, Nov. 13.  Later, they will face Alcorn State for the SWAC Classic in Mississippi on Saturday, Nov. 20.

Southern and Alcorn are dangerous opponents for a Jackson State team poised to play in the Celebration bowl against the MEAC champion. Should Jackson State convincingly win both contests, they could place pressure on the SWAC and NCAA's FCS playoff committee to grant the Tigers' football team a berth into the 2021 playoffs.

The debate whether JSU should play in the 2021 Cricket Celebration Bowl or FCS playoffs will be the issue, although the playoffs offer more upside for the university.

Until then, games must be won and head coaching considerations are on the back burner.   What effect will these distractions have on Coach Sanders and the Tigers?

We shall see.