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Deion Sanders' Aflac Inspired 'Quackillac' Scooter Debuts

Deion Sanders debuts his 'Quackillac' from his partners at AFLAC.

Deion Sanders debuted his 'Quackillac' from his partners at AFLAC.  Shannon Watkins, Aflac's Chief Brand and Marketing Officer, told me, "When we found out coach Sanders had surgery, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to reinforce what we do as a company."

Watkins continued, "So when you think about someone exiting surgery, especially a foot surgery, they need the benefits can we provide.  Our policyholders, like Coach Sanders, who needs mobility, so we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to bring our product promise to life, and to showcase the coverage that Aflac can provide."

Coach Prime's 3-wheel scooter is Daymak's "Boomberbeast 2 D Heavy Duty AWD 3 Wheel Scooter," provided by Aflac's PR department.  It has a range of 50 km on a standard lithium battery and up to 95 km on a deluxe model battery.

Deion Sanders is expected to use the scooter for up to six weeks and continue coaching through he rehabilitation period.

On Wednesday, Sanders had toe surgery this week to repair a 'claw toe' and another by  Dr. Lori Reed, Orthopedic Surgeon in Jackson, MS.  The goal of the operations was to shorten the second toe by cutting through the bone, lengthening, and re-attaching a tendon, then straighten his first toe

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Dr. Hurt explained to Sanders that Dr. Reid "will be fixing an old deformity about your foot from an old football injury." Deion Sanders responded, "why you have to call it deformity, Doc?" Hurt further shared he has an "old claw toe, and your second toe is dislocated." 

Jackson State played Delta State at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson, Mississippi for its home opener.   The Tigers won, 24-17, and improved their record to 3-1 (1-0 SWAC) on the season.

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