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Jackson State vs. Alabama A&M Halftime Report

Jackson State versus Alabama A&M halftime report.

Jackson State visits Huntsville, Alabama for a SWAC East division battle with Alabama A&M.

Bulldogs Homecoming 2021!

Bulldogs 1st Drive

  • 2 handoffs to Quarles go nowhere.
  • Outstanding catch by Odieu Hilaire on 3rd down.  Lynn Swan type of catch.
  • Facemask penalty on JSU.
  • Glass is sacked, Tigers Edge Rusher James Houston rumbles for a Scoop Six!

Jackson St. 7, Alabama A&M 0

Bulldogs 2nd Drive

  • 3 plays, -2 yards
  • Punt

Tigers 1st Drive

  • Warren Newman return of 58 yards
  • Touchdown
  • JACKSON STATE drive 3 plays 5 yards 1:23

Jackson St. 14, Alabama A&M 0

Bulldogs 3rd Drive

  • Coach Maynor attempts a fake punt on 4th down and the running back was stopped short of the first down.
  • Coach was attempting to stimulate offense, but the play execution was poor.

Tigers 2nd Drive

  • Tigers rushing the football well.
  • Shedeur Sanders pass complete to K. Corbin III for 15 yards to the AAMU1, 1ST DOWN JSU, out-of-bounds (JaBraun McNeal).
  • Shedeur Sanders pass complete to Josh Lanier for 6 yards to the AAMU0, TOUCHDOWN.
  • JACKSON STATE drive 8 plays 51 yards 3:49
  • 2-pt. conversion failed.  Sanders missed the receiver in the endzone.

Jackson St. 20, Alabama A&M 0

Bulldogs 4th Drive

  • Glass sack included a face mask penalty.
  • Glass is starting to get protection and is in rhythm with his wide receivers.



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Bulldogs 4th Drive (cont'd)

  • Aqeel Glass pass complete to Odieu Hilaire for 19 yards to the JSU 19 yard line for a first down.
  • Hilaire continues to find success in the zones of the JSU secondary.
  • Aqeel Glass pass complete to Zabrian Moore for a 10-yard touchdown.
  • Spencer Corey kick attempt good.
  • ALABAMA A&M drive 9 plays 75 yards 4:15

Jackson St. 20, Alabama A&M 7

Tigers 3rd Drive

  • Shedeur Sanders pass complete to Trevonte Rucker for a 37-yard TOUCHDOWN. (Glenn Misiak's kick attempt failed.)
  • JACKSON STATE scoring drive 3 plays, 71 yards, in 1:19.
  • The missed extra point attempts could come back and haunt the Tigers.

Jackson St. 26, Alabama A&M 7

Bulldogs 5th Drive

  • Aqeel Glass was sacked for a loss of 7 yards by Nyles Gaddy (57).

JSU 4th Drive

  • Warren Newman drops a potential first down.
  • Punt to Alabama A&M

Bulldogs 6th Drive

  • Miller sacks Glass for the 6th of the day.
  • Punt to JSU.

JSU 5th Drive

  • Jackson St. is in a good position to increase the lead.
  • Shedeur Sanders pass complete to Warren Newman for a 12-yard touchdown.
  • JACKSON STATE drive 7 plays 66 yards 3:30


Jackson St. 33, Alabama A&M 7



  • Shedeur Sanders: 10-of-13, 135 yards, 2 TDs, 240.3 QBR
  • RB Martin: 22 yards, 1 TD
  • RB Marshall: 33 yards
  • Lanier: 1 TD reception
  • Rucker: 1 TD reception
  • Shilo Sanders: 4 tackles
  • James Houston: 4 tackles, 1 TFL, 
  • Aubrey Miller: 2 sacks, 6 tackles
  • Gaddy: 1 sack
  • Q. Miller: 1 sack
  • K. Hampton: 4 tackles

Alabama A&M

  • Aqeel Glass: 14-of-17, 143 yards, 1 TD
  • Hilaire: 7 rec. 91 yards
  • Z. Moore: 1 TD
  • G. Quarles:   rushing yards
  • J. McNeal: 4 tackles
  • B. Bailey: 3 tackles


Jackson State was strong!   But, the Alabama A&M band had plenty of energy for the Homecoming crowd.

Advantage Alabama A&M!