Rankings Outrage: Michael Penix's Game-Winning Dive Only No. 7 On ESPN's Top-10 List

When Indiana quarterback Michael Penix Jr. dove from the 5-yard line to score on a 2-point conversion to give the Hoosiers an upset victory, many called it the play of the year. But ESPN's SportsCenter only had it at No. 7 on its "Plays of the Month'' for October.
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Rankings are subjective, but Indiana and quarterback Michael Penix Jr. got slighted on ESPN on Saturday.

Last weekend, Penix flew through the air from the 5-yard line and barely crossed the plane on a two-point conversion in overtime, giving Indiana a 36-35 win in overtime over then No. 8-ranked Penn State, It was Indiana's first win over a top-10 team in 33 years, so that is indeed history-making.

The play – and the victory — has garnered national attention all week, but in ESPN's rankings for "Plays of the Month" during its Saturday episodes, the highlight checked it at only No. 7 on their monthly rankings.

Come on! There were six plays better than that?

ESPN anchors Neil Everett and Stan Verrett did the highlights. Everett called Penix's score "debatable, but he got it and Indiana beat Penn State in overtime'' and Verrett said he "didn't understand the rule.''

Here were the top-10 "Plays of the Month" on ESPN's SportsCenter episdoes on Saturday:

  • 10. — Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry stiff-arms Josh Norman of the Buffalo Bills on a run. "Norman really wishes we would stop showing that,'' Verrett said.
  • 9. — Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis scores on an alley-oop from LeBron James as the Lakers won the NBA title over the Miami Heat. "She's a beauty, that No. 9. Teammates, they know what they're doing.'' Everett said.
  • 8. — New York Jets defensive back Marcus Maye uses his butt to make an interception catch against the Miami Dolphins. "That was booty-licious,'' Verrett said.
  • 7. — Indiana quarterback Michael Penix Jr. dives in for two as the Hoosiers upset No. 8 Penn State. "They said the rule was right, but I don't understand the rule,'' Verrett said. 
  • 6. — Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Manuel Margot falls over the wall to make a catch in the ALCS playoffs. 'Maybe he didn't see the fence, but he made the catch anyway,'' Verrett said. 
  • 5. — Clemson's Andrew Booth makes a one-handed interception catch against Virginia. "I just need one hand,'' Everett said.
  • 4. — Los Angeles Dodgers outfielders Cody Bellinger and Mookie Betts make home-run-saving catches in the baseball playoffs.  "You get two for the price of one. All smiles in LA,'' Verrett said.
  • 3. — Seattle wide receiver D.K. Metcalf chases down Arizona's Bubba Baker from behind on a 95-yard dash to save a touchdown on an interception return. "That's an instructional video for kids right there. Play hard all the time,'' Everett said.
  • 2. — Ohio State wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba gets his foot down somehow on a touchdown catch against Nebraska. "It looked like there was no way he could get his foot down,'' Verrett said.
  • 1. — UFC knockout kick from Joaquin Buckley. "I don't know why I'm laughing at another man's pain. Nighty, nighty,'' Everett said.

"It was a very good month for top plays,'' ESPN's Stan Verrett said. 

Maybe so, but Penix deserved better. It's hard to believe there were even two college football plays that were better.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to give your own rankings in the comments section.