More of Michigan State Athletic Director Alan Haller's Thoughts on NIL

Michigan State athletic director Alan Haller shared his thoughts on Name, Image and Likeness and the direction of college football.
Michigan State University Athletic Director Alan Haller looks on as Interim President Teresa K.
Michigan State University Athletic Director Alan Haller looks on as Interim President Teresa K. / Nick King/Lansing State Journal / USA

Michigan State’s athletic director, Alan Haller, is helping the Spartans’ athletic department navigate the ins and outs of college football's Name, Image and Likeness era. It is still new territory for everyone involved. However, Haller does not plan on letting the changes negatively impact Michigan State.

“I don't plan on this (new) system impacting the way we look (as a department),” Haller said, per an article from Graham Couch of the Lansing State Journal. “I’ve said it: I'm not an advocate of cutting sports. That's not going to be part of it. That’s when you will look for a new AD.

“There are decisions that have to be made, and they're going to be hard. But we’re going to win in this system with the people we have right now and the student-athletes we have right now. Yes, that's a definitive, and if we have to do something different, then probably new leadership is needed.”

Haller says he and his team are constantly preparing for potential changes. 

“We’ve been planning different models for six, seven, eight months,” Haller said. “I'll have some of my leadership team and we’ll sit around, and we'll try to guess what's coming. It's my job to figure out, whatever the new playing rules are, how's Michigan State going to succeed? 

"How do we continue to do what we've been doing but then also participate at a level where Michigan State is able to compete nationally in all our sports? In particular, football, men's and women's basketball, for us, are really important for the success of our other programs.”

Haller, a former Michigan State cornerback, said things have changed since he played for the Spartans.

“I hear people all the time say, ‘Well, this will destroy college athletics — 20 or 30 years ago, back when I played, we just played for the love of the game and our scholarship,’ ” Haller said. “The amount of money that's flowing through college athletics right now is different. And change needed to occur several years ago. I'm glad that there's hopefully some type of settling, some finality to what's out there. But I'm not an AD that's like ‘Oh my goodness, the system's going to crumble. What are we doing in college athletics?’ No, I think this is a good thing. This is an opportunity. I want to share into the assets of the profitability.”

Haller thinks NIL deals and the transfer portal can potentially ruin college sports.

“I do think if this continues (as is), it would have the ability to destroy college athletics, with where some of the things associated with NIL and the transfer portal and recruiting have gone.”

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Ezekiel Trezevant


Ezekiel is a former Sports Editor from the Western Herald and former Atlanta Falcons beat writer.