MSU team and fans face tough test against the Illini

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MSU faces tough test against the Illini

Make no mistake about it; this Sunday’s game at the Breslin with the Illini of Illinois is huge. With a Big Ten schedule that I think will net the Spartans 6 wins they can’t afford to let this one slip.

The Illini come in not as strong but certainly as vicious. There is a reason that Tom Izzo has so much respect for Bruce Weber: he is a very good coach.

The Spartans look for vast improvement from the big men that up to now have been disappointing and need MOJO and Raymar to get well. The question is not only will the big men show up but also the crowd?

The crowd for the NWU game was terrible. To be frank it was sadly embarrassing for a coach that anywhere else would canonize him. Izzo has enough crap to fight; a lackadaisical Izzone, empty seats and an environment more like a morgue then a big time basketball arena are not things he should worry about.

A popular message board for another Big Ten school recently had posts making fun of the Breslin as a place that “no longer strikes fear in people.” That is sad. Should the team have had a better year last season? I would say that it was very disappointing. This however is fan base that loves to scream for excellence (and I agree we should) but needs now to sack up and hold itself accountable.Â

It’s easy for 40-year-old alumni to sit in their seats and bemoan a student section that lacks fire, ingenuity and the creativity that it was known for. Sadly, why don’t they look at their own middle aged lazy attitude and ask they their late for games or don’t even show up?Â

The point is that there where rows of empty seats at the NWU game. Those in fairness are not the Izzone; those are kids that don’t want to be Izzone members. I say that it’s time for Izzo to eliminate those seats that are often left open for kids that don’t want to join the Izzone and sell them. At least 60-year old alumni would pay full price whether or not they showed up.

The issue is not the Izzone or the alumni and fans. I guess the issue is that the Spartan Nation. Izzo does not compromise. He wants this program to be great. He has consistently schedule the best teams when he could have pulled a Jim Boeheim and scheduled turds. He could have padded his career win totals and be at least 60 games better with career wins. He hasn’t. He wants the best for the program and fans. He turned down the millions of the NBA to be here and build this.Â

If the Spartan Nation wants a world-class program then it needs to be world-class fans. This is the opposite of football. We have been a bad program for football so long and the fans have been outstanding. For that I applaud the Spartan Nation. Maybe however we can try to give the man who has built a great program by giving him the best fans in the Big Ten while his team is struggling. Go State.Â

I want to see some 70-year-old grandmas dancing the jig in the isle when they look for the best fans cam. I want to see the Izzone being the thunder that once made the Breslin the most feared building in the north. I want to see people that stand for the fight song and cry for the alma mater. I want to see the Spartan Nation be what I know it is. The best!

How many of you old timers remember Duffy? How much would you give to have him back? We now have an Izzo. I pray no one waits until he is gone to wish they had done their part. Make no mistake, Big Time programs win, and big time programs have the big time fans that set their arenas apart.

I am sick of hearing about the Cameron Crazies and the Crisler Crybabies (AKA Angry Corn). O.K. that last one was a cheap shot but they are UM and I had to get it in. My point is that I want MSU to get the love; there is no excuse why we can’t. Step it up fans.Â

Keeping his consecutive NCAA tournament trips alive is very important to Tom. For all the charity work and giving back he does, it’s time this fan base gives him back the home court advantage he needs to reach it. If you still want to sit or not show up, sell your tickets and get seasons in Ann Arbor. They are used to having mausoleum silence and fans that don’t show up. God I beg you to never let us accept that.

Izzo and his team are ready for the game, the bigger question is whether or not the fans are.