News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 02/01/10 Edition

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News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 02/01/10 Edition


The Dunk!  Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

The Dunk! Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

Izzo said today that his team played well and just missed shots early on Saturday. Still a slow start.

Izzo called the next three games his, “Toughest since I got here.” If you take tournament games out I agree.

Since 2001 the Spartans are winless in Madison, but I love the way Izzo talked about it. “Doesn’t bother our guys, they’ve played in to many big games.”

Izzo had an interesting quote about Durrell Summers, “98% of the time when Durrell Summers not a good game its Durrell’s fault.”

On Chris Allen’s dunk, “You know me. I’m gonna make it a negative. Where the hell you been?”

On the next three games, “We could play really well and lose all three.”

On Durrell, “I think he spends time in the gym. He has to spend more time in the video room.”

Izzo harped on turnovers today. The Badgers are averaging only 8 per game and the Spartans are averaging 14. A big part of that is style of play. The Spartans like to push it and Izzo wants them to push even more.

MSU is 17-1 when they out rebound their opponents and they currently lead the nation.

The Spartans are also the highest scoring team in the Big Ten. Look for the Badgers to slow the game to a snails pace and the Spartans to try to push it. My biggest criticism of this team this year is that they are dictated to often on the style of play. Wisconsin is a good team and very well coached. The Spartans however are a superior team athletically and I would like to see them get out and dictate the pace rather than be dictated to.

Here is another great tid bit, again courtesy of Matt Larson the SID. The Spartans are averaging 71 points a game on the road in the Big Ten and 67 at home. I bet you would have never guessed that. I wouldn’t have.

Idong Ibok is staying at the Izzo’s along with Travis Walton. I wonder how many other high profile coaches, and their families, would open their homes like the Izzo’s do. Funny how recruits talk time and time again about this being a family.

Thanks for all the great emails on the Korie Lucious story. He is a super kid and I can’t say enough good stuff about him. There were so many great things I couldn’t get in the story, maybe after the season.

I think the key to a Spartan win is going to be avoiding a slow start. Wisconsin will do all they can to shorten the game. They will take threes and they will get shots, but they won’t try to run MSU off the court. The Spartans need to make shots early. If they do they will have a great shot.

The second big key is rebounding. Wisconsin is the mini van and MSU is the sports car. They are blue-collar players who scrap and fight and if MSU maintains what they have done all year with rebounding edge that is the second biggest key.

The last key is turnovers. I alluded earlier in the article to the difference in styles and that is true. The way the Spartans play they aren’t going to get nine per game. Having said that if they keep it within reason (they don’t even have to have less) again they should have a fighting shot.

I predicted the Spartans to be 19-3 at this point prior to the year. You can follow my predictions BY CLICKING HERE. That said, I still am amazed at the pure athleticism of this team.

This has nothing to do with football, but for your most complete signing day coverage, keep it tuned to Spartan Nation all day on Wednesday. We will be having a chat at 9 PM and of course a lot of video and a complete breakdown and look at all the signees.