News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 2/15/10 Edition

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At what point will Izzo decide to move on without Raymar Morgan or does he stick with him and hope he rebounds?  Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

At what point will Izzo decide to move on without Raymar Morgan or does he stick with him and hope he rebounds? Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.


The Spartans struggled with turnovers for most of the season, but in three of the last five games they have had only nine per contest.


Izzo doesn’t agree with me, but I still stand by it. If MSU plays like they did against PSU on Tuesday at Indiana, they will lose. Others in the program agree with me.


The Spartans have made more free throws in Big Ten games than their opponents have attempted. That is an amazing stat.


Draymond Green has five double doubles this season. He leads the team. No surprise there. Here is a surprise; four others have had a double double also.


Although he doesn’t like the struggles of Durrell Summers or Draymond Green right now Izzo isn’t worried about it. 


He is worried, or perhaps it is better to say it as perplexed over Raymar Morgan. He addressed Morgan by saying, "I love Raymar Morgan but I do not love his consistency." Morgan has gone on what is expected each year and that is a disappearing act. 


Izzo didn’t hide his frustration with his star and the big question is how does he deal with it? This team made a Championship Game without him last year and at some point does he start Draymond and bring Morgan off the bench?


Here is a bigger question. If Izzo keeps Raymar as a starter and he continues to play as he is, will it cause issues on this team? I didn’t ask Izzo, but he has to think about it. He is famous for saying starts are earned and Morgan’s play hasn’t earned the starting line up.


MSU fell to 11th in the AP and the ESPN USA Today polls this week. That was generous. I thought it would be lower.


With Kalin’s ankle getting closer to 100% (not there yet) look for him at Indiana to come off of screens more than he did against PSU and Purdue for sure. It is sore, but he has good movement on it.


Key for the Indiana game? Summers. Chris Allen is on fire, and with Kalin pushing and dishing more on the wings IU doesn’t have the horses to win this fight. MSU will be back to the pre Wisconsin level starting on Tuesday.


To his credit, Tom Izzo said from the first press conference of the season that this team would have to handle distractions. They have faced a lot of them since the championship game concluded. Now that Korie and Durrell and the issues they had to deal with are behind them, this team could be on the verge of an upward swing again.


I have said many times and I stand by it that this group of young men is some of the best overall people Izzo has ever assembled as a team as human beings. The three straight losses and including the PSU win have not been their best on the court performances. We all know that, but don’t buy into the weeping and gnashing of teeth from so many of the fans. There is a lot of talent and more importantly character on this team and they will rebound.