Your Weekly Michigan State Basketball Question and Answer Article

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The Breslin Center will be getting some much needed upgrades for the 2011-12 season.  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

The Breslin Center will be getting some much needed upgrades for the 2011-12 season. Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Hondo, I have really enjoyed your question and answer articles. I really appreciate that you give your straightforward answers in an unvarnished tone. So, my basketball question is what do you think of the improvements of new signage at the Breslin? Van

Thanks for the kind words Van. I think the signage will be great, but frankly signage does not make the team. I care about the basketball being played and if you could assure me it would be better than last year I would care. It will be nice, but let’s talk basketball.


Hondo, you have had some strong opinions about Gary Harris and that you think MSU has a great shot and that if he doesn’t pick MSU that there will be some shock inside the basketball offices. Still feel that way? Jan

Sure do Jake. They are putting on the full court press and I believe they will be stunned (I wouldn’t expect them to admit it publicly) if he doesn’t pledge for MSU. On a side note, Harris is a great player, but with all the hoopla from the fans you would think he is the next Earvin.


Hondo, I remember Coach Izzo being upset and blaming a lot of last season on the schedule. Then I look at what we know about this year and I have to ask why? It just seems ridiculous again. What is going on? Kent

Coach Izzo obviously looked back and decided that he was wrong and it isn’t bad. I like great games, but obviously his frustration must have been misinterpreted because he did it again.


Hondo, how good can Brandon Wood be? Will he be a starter? Mark

He can be great and he is a starter for sure. Coach Izzo was very fortunate to get him. He can play the one and the two for sure and even some three. He should have a major impact for his one season.


Hondo, I notice how other schools like Duke and North Carolina and Kentucky are all schools that get freshmen that make really big impacts. Coach Izzo talks about wanting to be like those schools, but at MSU we don’t. Is it because Coach can’t get that good of recruits? What is your take? Kevin

I was asked this a lot on my tour this summer with the radio show Kevin and it is a great question. Coach Izzo gets good recruits. His system has a lot of sets and the way he runs his program it is very difficult for a true freshman to come in and have the impact that you see at other programs.


Thanks for your question and answer articles Hondo. I know the full schedule isn’t out, but what game are you looking forward to most this season? I can’t wait for the UNC game on the Navy ship. Brady

I can’t wait for the Duke game Brady. Coach Izzo has Duke high on his rivals list and anytime he can compete against Coach K that is a benchmark game for him and his program. I can’t wait.


Thanks for all of the great comments and email for the Friday column. If you aren’t aware, on Fridays I answer some of your email in a Q and A column about Spartan basketball. If you have a MSU basketball question you would like answered send me an email at and please put in the subject line Basketball question.