2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: DT Oren Wilson #70

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â DT Oren Wilson #70

 Height: 6’3”

Weight:Â 293

2009 Eligibility: Junior

EXP:Â 2 Letters

Status:Â Starting DT

 Strengths: Wilson is a big body and when he keeps his pad level low and his motor high he can at times be unstoppable. Let’s go back to two plays from the 2008 season where he showed off his potential dominance.

 Against Georgia in the Capital One bowl, Wilson engaged a center and a guard and dispensed both of them with very little effort and created major havoc in the UG backfield. He was in Stafford’s face and forced a critical incompletion by Stafford. That play was all Wilson and his dominance.

 A second example was against Indiana. He was at times in that game an unstoppable road grader. On one particular possession he was able to get in the backfield and stop the very athletic IU QB and almost single-handedly stopped a drive. 

 Against the spread, which is growing by leaps and bounds around the country and the change resistant Big Ten, you have to drop more players in coverage due to the number of extra receivers. One of the keys to defending the spread is getting pressure from your front four WITHOUT having to blitz. Teams that can defend in coverage and get the pressure without having to blitz have a much more simpler time dealing with that offensive scheme.

 Weakness: Wilson has the tools and has grown better each season since arriving at MSU. He has shown flashes of not being a good football player and now needs to take the next step to being great. How can he do that? He has the tools. He has shown them and now he has to go all out on every play. You can catch Wilson not going at full speed and he as to learn that the Spartans have depth now. He can go all out every play because when the big-bodied youngster gets tired, they have the bodies to replace him.

 I have written extensively about this staff’s desire to get the front four in and out so that there are always guys with full tanks ready to go all out every play. Wilson has to keep his pads low (they get higher with lineman as they get tired) and go all out all the time.

 Final Analysis: Wilson has showed the ability to dominate against the best competition that there is. He has all of the tools. He now has to take the next step of the natural maturation process and play all out all the time. He knows that he has the ability and the gifts. 

 The great thing with Wilson is that his playing all out all the time is NOT a character issue; it is a maturation issue. He played here as a true freshman and he is young. He seems ready to make the next step, and I expect to continue to see the steady improvement that he has shown his first two years while at MSU.