2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: WR Blair White #25

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â WR Blair White #25

Height: 6’2”

Weight:Â 205

2009 Eligibility:Â Senior

EXP:Â 3 Letters

Status:Â Starting WR


Strengths: What does Blair not do right? He is the heart of the offense and is beloved by his teammates.  I heard an MSU coach give him the same compliment that Mateen Cleaves told me about Tim Bograkos. The coach told me, “Blair makes our defense better because he plays like each practice is the BCS championship game. In practice we go full out because he does.” 


Blair is an even better young man than a football player and his passion is fun to watch. Let’s look at a couple of plays that best illustrate his talents. We all remember against Michigan in the first quarter. He had a 61-yard TD in which he not only caught the ball in stride, but also simply refused to be tackled. He broke a good tackle attempt and made the score. White shines even brighter in bigger games and his passion refused to let himself be tackled.


Another was the Wisconsin game. MSU had a fourth and 13 at their own 32. I have written and spoken extensively about the pride the coaches take in the Spartan punt coverage. By White’s presence you can see that they mean it and the stars are on it. On this play, White sprinted down the field, and leveled the punt receiver for an immediate textbook hit. What makes him so good is whether it is practice, offense or special teams, White goes all out and makes as many contributions on special teams as offense. Unfortunately, many don’t notice them on special teams.


Weakness: White is not physically the most gifted athlete on this team. In fact, he may not even make the top twenty. Yet he is one of the best players. How is that? He plays with a dedication and hunger that are unmatched. His weakness is simply that he doesn’t always have the best physical skills and he has to be on guard to stay technically sound all the time.


I laugh as I type this because it is a weakness if he allowed it to be. He is so smart football wise that he will work late after practice, in the weight room, and the video room to make sure that he doesn’t allow it to happen.


This weakness is there, but truly marginalized because he doesn’t allow it to be exploited.


Final Analysis: I have been tough, but in my opinion fair with these player profiles. I can say without any doubt that there are a few on this team that play with White’s passion and the rest can learn from that group. This team (other than the handful that play like him) can learn from him.


I was speaking last year after the season with a friend of mine who works for an AFC (NFL) team. He brought White up to me and said, “That kid is an even better Mike Furrey. He has a future in this league. This league makes room for young men who love football and play like he does.” I agree. Blair is a young man that you can use as an example to your kids, and is a young man that you buy tickets to see play. He wasn’t blessed with all the talent in the world, but he developed it and he is a star.