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Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering Your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I was recently reading an article at another site where the author discussed MSU football injuries coming out of camp and looking to the season. There was no mention about Fou Fonoti and you have talked about him for a good ten days. Is he all better? I thought you said they would make no decision until game week? Carlos

Hello Carlos, and thanks for the email. I didnâ���™t read the article so I can’t comment. I can tell you that if this was the NFL, last week when I said they would evaluate Fonoti they internally told me he was probable. Meaning not 100%, but a good chance he would play.  I would say that now he is doubtful. Certainly not out at this moment, but internally the expectation is that they are not giving up hope, but they don’t expect him to play.

Hondo, on the show you talked last week about the OL? Have your thoughts on the starting OL for WMU changed? Rob

It has Rob. As stated above, Fonoti was probable, but now doubtful. I also told you that they do not expect Jack Allen back (Lawrence Thomas either) before the ND game. So let’s assume that Fou doesn’t play. LT Jack Conklin LG Blake Treadwell C Travis Jackson RG Dan France RT Donavon Clark. 

Hondo, if you do a questions and emails article before Monday could you please tell us what you predict the QB situation to be? Mark

Sure Mark. I expect when the depth chart comes out on Tuesday that Andrew Maxwell will be your starter. Connor Cook will be your backup because he has game experience. Tyler O’Connor will be third and Damion Terry fourth and will redshirt. I do not expect that to be the depth chart at the end of the year, but to start, I do.

Hondo, do you have a guy that you want to see win the QB job? I just wonder about your thoughts and maybe who you want there? Terri

Nope. I like all four of them. Whoever Dantonio runs out there is the guy. I have no horse in the race.

Hondo, what time to you expect the QB choice announced on Monday?  This is killing me. Neal

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I think the team will be told on Monday and the public will find out on Tuesday when it is released prior to Coach Dantonio’s weekly press conference. 

Hondo, I don’t understand all the secretive crap out of Dantonio on positions. If he is really that worried about game planning and strategy for WMU that tells me we really suck. Phillip

I think there are reasons other than WMU in play here Phillip. I will add that they are going to approach each and every team like they are the Crimson Tide, but I don’t think the secrecy here has anything to do with WMU. Just trust me on that. There are many internal things going on and warrant how this is handled.

Hondo, living here in Virginia it was great to hear you on the radio. I wish you had put a FYI on your Twitter feed because I literally caught the last minute when my brother called me and told me to tune in. Anyways you were talking Terry and the reasons to red shirt him. Since I missed most of it, could you please help this transplanted Spartan out and fill me in? Thanks for all you do. Carl

Sure I will, Carl. I do so many interviews around the nation that I can’t pre show Twitter them all. I constantly remind stations if they Twitter far enough in advance I will try to RT, but I would suggest you follow your local station and let them know you want a heads up. Thanks for the support.

As far as Terry there are a lot of things in play. #1: If you play him he joins Tyler O’Connor’s class and you don’t have separation. #2: If you play him he IS your number two guy. He has to be. That means anytime Maxwell isn’t playing you are feeding him reps. Dantonio already laid the groundwork for this talking about if you don’t redshirt a player he has to play “Significant” and “meaningful” reps. If Damion Terry does not redshirt he is your number two guy that is the cost. #3: If Terry is the number two guy, after he would get some game experience, if Maxwell doesn’t cut it (and he didn’t separate this off season by virtue of there still being a battle), then he would have to take the number one spot. That would almost certainly mean a transfer of Cook and O’Connor after the season and you head into next year with a true sophomore QB and a true freshman backup.

I can only think of one chance we don’t see a transfer from someone at the end of the year, but two would be a disaster.

Hondo, you and Graham Couch wrote about a transfer like it was a big deal. Why are quarterbacks such wimps? They supposedly committed so why leave if you don’t get to play. Vince

Spoken like a true fan Vince, that is one of the shallowest things I have ever read. Not the most shallow, but up there. Let me explain. Football is a passion. It takes thousands of hours. If a young man can read the tea leaves and he isn’t going to play, he has to look in the mirror. I know for a fact schools recruit guys that aren’t playing to try to get them to leave and come get on the field right away. FACT. If a kid has that shot to play and he sees that his days are numbered I get it. I want to relay a story to you. Bobby Bowden the legendary coach at FSU once told me, “If a kid comes to Florida State and doesn’t play and he is just a happy go lucky young man and graduates and leaves I have to ask myself if we recruited the right kid. Did my staff and I miss? I want kids that are passionate about football and playing this game. I want competitors. When a young man walks in to my office and says to me ‘Coach I love being a Seminole, but I have to leave so I can play.’ I hug his neck and say how can I help? I may not want him to go, but that means we picked a kid with passion for this game.” I agree with coach.

There you go everyone. Your weekly MSU Football Question and Emails. Thanks for being a part. If you every have a question please feel free to email me 24/7 at and put in the subject line Football Q/A. We may answer your question here or have you on the radio show to ask it yourself.