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As Mark Dantonio Opened His Sixth Fall Camp Today at the Helm of MSU, Here are Some of His Thoughts going into camp! !

News and Notes From Spartan Football…

Coach D is fired about his team’s work ethic an chemistry. He told me, “We have great young men who are confident and motivated. ..They understand what has to be done.”

“We have a lot of guys back; they have adjusted and are able to make rapid decisions.

He has questions however. “Our WRs. The nature of our inexperience…”

He likes Andre Sims Jr. a lot. “A. J. Sims is a guy we redshirted last year. He is about business. Great hands and makes the tough catch. He will go get it. “

He isn’t worried about who will step up at WR. “You have a limited number of reps, but camp has a way to work things out. We will find a way.”

He mentioned that Andrew Maxwell has, “Worked with (Bennie) Fowler for three years and then (Keith) Mumphery and (Tony) Lippett for two. They know each other and are pretty comfortable”

On Maxwell, “He has seen a lot. We have gone live a lot. Quarterback is not live, but he is active. Football is football and there is going to be contact. Bottom line he has not been in a game to win a game, but I am as excited as everybody else to see it. He has unbelievable intangibles like Kirk (Cousins) has.”

Maxwell and how much he is like Cousins, “Both are deeply faith based, very intelligent players and students. Pretty calm, composed, very hard worker, very attentive, great rapport with the players and a great sense of humor. He is an established leader on this team.”

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More on Maxwell. “Andrew Maxwell has an extremely live arm, 6’7” or 6’9” high jumper…he is a very gifted athlete.”

“Decision making is always the biggest key for the QB. He is going to make some mistakes, you have to grow. Those will be the things we will experience. At the end of the day it will be very exciting to watch him.”

“He has always been his own person. He is not something canned. It’s real. He is who he is. He is his own person.”

“We could have the best QB in the nation coming in here, but if he didn’t know the players, and the system and came in on that Friday he would struggle. He has been the best prepared as we can for this.”

Evan Jones and Josiah Price are two highly touted true freshman TEs, “That is going to be an interesting thing. Certainly going to be interesting to watch. Josiah is more of a guy that moves and Evan is more of a stationary. They are freshman. They haven’t stepped into the fire yet. This first week will be important for them. They will definitely get a chance (in camp).”

On whether to redshirt a player, “I think the thing you don’t want to do is play a guy a little bit and throw away his redshirt. Unless you are going to push him into that thing and he is going to get a ton of reps for graduation purposes and the success of the team. (Your redshirt)”

On WR and the freshman QB “Guys like (Monty) Madaris and (Macgarrett) Kings… (Aaron) Burbridge, (Tres) Barksdale, players walk up to me and say those guys are big, fast and can catch the ball. Tyler O’Connor is a guy you hear great things about.”

On freshman, “You have new toys, you want to see how they look.”

Under the radar players? “We have 18-22 guys back on defense. We have some very guys that were redshirted last year that (can really play). Darien Harris is a guy. Had a great spring, very active is going to show up all over the field. Lawrence Thomas is ready to go. Fully healthy. Tremendous upside. He’s an athlete. Active. He is an athlete, he has shock and can bring it. Shilique Calhoun is a guy we have talked a lot about.  A great pass rusher. Can run, close on you. Joel Heath looks exactly like William (Gholston). He is a guy that will play a lot. Trae Waynes is one of our fastest players. R. J. WIlliamson is a guy that traveled with us last year to almost every game. We almost took the red shirt off a couple times.”

Demetrious Cox? “That is one of our toys. Demetrious Cox is going to be.  We hear things about him, Ezra Robinson, Jermaine Edmondson and Mark Myers. Our players talk. When Javon Ringer stops me and talks about two freshman, he talked to me about Cox and Edmondson. The word circulates back to you from the players (Over the summer because coaches can’t work with the players). We'll see how it goes. Darien (Harris) , (Ed) Davis and Taiwan Jones. Taiwan may play some DE some LB looks like Chris Norman right now. Great personalities. (They are) Likeminded and enjoy each other’s company and have people behind them steering them in the right direction.”