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Mark Dantonio’s Linebacker U Tradition Continues with another Great Prospect for 2013: Jon Reschke!

It doesn’t take watching much video to realize why Mark
Dantonio targeted 2013 LB prospect Jon Reschke from Birmingham Brother Rice early. He got his man and the Spartans may have landed their next great linebacker.
 The 6’5” 230# bruiser’s technique is sound and plays beyond his years.

One thing that stands out when you watch LBs in high school
play is the inability to master technique.
Even Greg Jones they spent considerable time mastering his craft. Reschke is already ahead of most freshmen on campus that will arrive for 2013 and he is only a high school junior.

One thing he does exceptionally well is playing with his
head up. Reschke knows that he has to trust his ability to see and you can’t do that looking down to protect your legs and feet from pulling guards, sure-handed centers, and bruising tackles.

We recently caught up with Reschke on Spartan Nation Radio
and he said of his ability to play with his eyes up, “I worked specifically on my eyes, reading it…read my keys, reading your keys is the most important part. Get your read and get to the ball carrier.”

It is refreshing to see a bruiser who is a solid player and not trying to make the Sportscenter hit.  He is a blue collar lunch-pail carrying no-frills linebacker. He attacks the ball, makes
the tackle, and gets ready for the next play.
 He said of that style that doesn’t draw attention to his immense talent,
“My parents raised me to be a humble kid and my coaches at Birmingham Brother Rice it is all about your character.
Team first.”

As good as his vision is, it is equally matched with his amazing footwork. To go along with keeping his eyes up and on the ball, Reschke has amazing feet. Moving laterally, backwards or forwards, he has
pin point accuracy and placement. “I’ve  been an athlete my whole life, my freshman year I played varsity baseball and
varsity hockey. I gave up hockey this
year to focus on football. Focus on working on my speed, and working on getting bigger.”

Reschke is very similar to Max Bullough if not even a little
ahead of where Bullough was at this point.
 He admires Max and said of the compliment, “Max is an outstanding middle linebacker and does an amazing job leading that defense.”

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For Reschke it meant a lot to him that Mark Dantonio and Pat Narduzzi targeted him early in the recruiting process. “It played a big factor. It was an honor to get the offer early, even
before my junior season.”

Reschke is a natural leader and has already started to
assert himself with the 2013 class. “I
am starting to get real close with the 2013 class, all of those commits. Max’s (Bullough) little brother Riley (Bullough)
I am really good friends with him. It is
going to be fun playing with Riley.”

Reschke is aware of the reputation that MSU is getting
nationally as the next linebacker university and he is proud of it. “I think Michigan State is definitely the new linebacker university with the coaching staff. Coach Dantonio, Coach Narduzzi
and Coach Tressel have done an excellent job with their athletes.”

Reschke comes from an excellent family, not people who are
living their lives vicariously through him.
“I definitely have a great family.
 Making my dad proud is the best feeling in the world. ..Right when I was
born I‘ve been a Spartan.” Was the
choice to pick MSU easy? “Honestly I
knew it!”

For a young man like Reschke who loves to practice as much
as play, getting to be molded and sculpted by Ken Mannie is an exciting proposition. He said of legendary Coach Ken Mannie, “I love him. He is a great coach. I can’t wait to work for him. I can’t wait to be on his program. He has done a great job getting
guys huge. It’s going to be fun. Its’ going to be a lot of fun.”

Dantonio once again landed a big fish. With so many great defenders getting ready to
take the field in 2012, it is nice to know the reloading for the future is
already underway. So what makes Reschke lay awake at night? Where do his dreams take him before he heads to sleep each night?

“I can’t wait (to run out the Spartan Stadium tunnel.) I think about it all the time before I go to
sleep. It is the number one thing I want
to do. I can’t wait!”