Michigan State Football 2011 Profile: #22 RB Larry Caper The Touchdown Maker

Hondo S. Carpenter

2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #22 Larry Caper the Touchdown Maker

Expectation:Â All Big Ten RB

Height:  5’11”

Weight:Â 225#

2011 Eligibility:Â Junior

EXP:Â 2 Letters

Status:Â Co Starting RB

Strengths: Let’s look back at the Purdue game.  In the second quarter the Spartans had the ball facing a second and thirteen at the Boilers 39. There was 13:45 left in the half. Caper totally sold the block (which was a fake), moved out for the screen, caught it, and with two-hand coverage of the ball ran it. Caper is one of the most technically sound football players at any position you will ever find. He knows the game, understands the game, and ANY football field he steps on, he is if not the smartest, among the smartest. He is a stud.

Weakness: Let’s stay with the Purdue game. In the second quarter with 10:04 on the clock the Spartans were in the shotgun. Caper is the best blocker on the team at the RB spot so he was in. He missed the OLB completely who was coming hard. Caper’s weakness is that he does so much and has such a great understanding of the game that he almost sees too much. In all of my years covering football I have never said that about another player. Because he can tell you everyone’s assignment on every play he can be focused on so much around him that he misses the little minutia and that can hurt.

Final Analysis: I just think the world of Caper. My son constantly pretends to be him running around the yard, at games, and when playing his Playstation. Caper is both a gentleman and a great young man. He is a testament to the Spartan Nation and as great of a football player as he is a better young man…a true class act. 

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