Spartan Nation Caught up with New Michigan State Spartan for Mark Dantonio: Kyle Kerrick!

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Mark Dantonio landed a great football player and kid in Kyle Kerrick.  Photo courtesy of Kerrick.

Mark Dantonio landed a great football player and kid in Kyle Kerrick. Photo courtesy of Kerrick.

Mark Dantonio and his staff have found yet another quality young man to be part of the Michigan State football program. Kyle Kerrick is a gifted wide receiver with a good head on his shoulders and a heart of gold.

 Kerrick, a native of Coatesville, Pennsylvania, is heading into his senior year at Coatesville Area Senior High School. A talented wide receiver for the Red Raiders, Kerrick is a young man with amazing ability. Offered scholarships by eight schools, the wide out is most certainly a star in the making. Though widely known as only a wide receiver, Kerrick also plays free safety. This is where his love of hitting comes from. As seen in his highlight videos, he rarely goes down easily. “I hit people, I play defense too so I actually had offers for free safety as well… I like playing the game physical.” The seventh recruit to come to MSU is great at breaking tackles and making the most of his opportunities with the ball. Kerrick will definitely fit in with one of the men who recruited him: Terrence Samuel. The new wide receivers coach, who loves to see his players hit people, had a chance to sit down with Kerrick during a recruiting visit. “You can tell the passion he has for the game, you could tell he knows what he’s talking about,” Kerrick said. “You could tell he’s a real person and I enjoyed every minute of watching film with him.”

           Kerrick’s time with Samuel was not the only factor in his decision. The Pennsylvania native was also hooked by the fact that the Spartan coaching staff did not push him: “They’re not a school that’s going to sit there and be all in your face and try to get you to go there.” Kerrick believes that the MSU coaching staff (in the words of one person who works at Kerrick’s high school) “treated him like a man” in letting him make the decision for himself. Plus, the coaching staff was completely honest with Kerrick: “They’re coming from a man’s standpoint: they’re not going to sugarcoat anything.” As a result, Kerrick felt like Michigan State was the right place for him. “I felt at home at MSU when I visited there,” said Kerrick.

Standing at 6’3 and 180 pounds, this young wide receiver compares in size to B.J. Cunningham. Kerrick has all the physical tools to succeed on Saturday afternoons and beyond. In addition to a love for hitting people, Kerrick possesses a great talent for catching the ball. He does not let the ball slip through his fingers often. Even in traffic, Kerrick does not drop the ball. As he learned from playing basketball, he can leap up and snatch high throws. After the catch, the MSU recruit is downright dangerous. Rarely does it take only one defender to bring him down. On more than a few occasions, Kerrick has sprung a touchdown from a seemingly average catch. Last season he caught 30 passes for 510 yards (17 yards per catch) and 11 touchdowns. Don’t let the low catch total fool you: Kerrick plays in a run-first offense. Lastly, though Kerrick does not have blazing speed (he runs a 4.5 forty time), on the football field he is fast. “I let my wheel take over every play, it’s not speed, it’s not really me out there,” Kerrick explained. “It’s something else that takes over. I have a drive and I have a passion for it, so I just use my drive and my passion.”  

Off the field, Kerrick is just as exemplary. His high school’s teachers and administrators have praised Kerrick for his willingness to reach out to children and other students his age. “I learned at a young age not to judge too many people,” the new Spartan said. “I have a love for all different types of people.” Kerrick will fit right in with the upstanding young men of the eleven member 2012 recruiting class.

           All in all, Kerrick is ready to be a Spartan. He already has confidence that Michigan State has overtaken the University of Michigan: “Michigan State is Michigan football,” Kerrick stated. His goal when he arrives in East Lansing? Kerrick proclaimed: “Ultimately to win a Big Ten title.”