Spartan Nation Spoke with an Ohio Safety with a Spartan Offer: Latwan Anderson!

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With a sixth commitment in hand for the 2010 class, the Spartan Nation continues to search for more recruits. I spoke with a defensive prospect that the Spartans have offered and would love to add in Safety Latwan Anderson and his father Louis last night from their home in Cleveland, Ohio.


Latwan visited MSU last year when the Spartans hosted the Badgers in basketball and thoroughly enjoyed his visit to East Lansing. “I really liked the campus, the coaches and players, I met Coach Izzo and the basketball coaches and I really loved the academic support program they have there. It also doesn’t hurt that I have friends there that aren’t athletes, but love it,” was Latwan’s impression of the Spartan campus.


Latwan’s services as a premier safety have brought him national accolades and offers from all over the country and I asked him about his game. “I can stay in the back pedal a long time and react quickly. Some guys aren’t comfortable in a back pedal and have to come out of it fast and they end up getting stuck in a double move. Because I can stay in my back pedal so long, I don’t have that problem.” Lest you think Anderson is cocky, he is also quick to point out his weaknesses. “I need to get better at reading offenses. I can usually take care of things the second time I see something, but I need to get better at recognizing things before I see it.”


Anderson is 5’10” but is a solid 175 and can run a 4.4 forty. He told me, “I love coming up in run support. I may not be considered the biggest hitter, but I love to. I just can’t go get a hit to do it, I have to stay in the system, but I can tell you that I like to do it.”


Anderson was very impressed with the MSU football facilities and said, “In this process (recruiting) I have been a lot of places and they are one of if not the best. That isn’t why you should pick a school, but it sure don’t hurt,” was his description. “MSU has always been one of the top schools in my recruitment, and I am really excited about coming up there in July.”


His father Louis says that the recruiting process has been strange. “It’s tough, he’s my baby and to see him preparing for a new chapter in his life makes me proud, but it still isn’t easy.” Not all parents would prefer the tough hardnosed disciplinarian style that Mark Dantonio and his staff run. They don’t talk about education and discipline they demand it and Louis had a lot to say about that. “Honestly that is one of the reasons I am so excited about Michigan State. I like that they don’t play about a degree and about growing men. In fact I really prefer that approach and think it is better for my son. He works better in a disciplined environment.”


The recruiting process has a lot of strange stories and when you are a prized recruit like Latwan, they can get even stranger. “Fans will text me and call me and I have like no idea how they even get my number. I have just had to turn my phone off. Are you coming here? When are you coming? I am not going to be mean to them, but it can be frustrating. I mean it’s cool to be interested in your team, but they keep bugging you and people Facebooking you. All the emails and stuff, it can be tough. That has been the worst part of recruiting for me.”


When Latwan steps back on the MSU campus on July 11th he will be making the trip with his father and CB Seth Cunningham and his father Bill. Latwan and Seth have been best friends for years and he talked about what it would be like to play with Seth a CB from Saint Edwards. “It would be a dream come true for us. We have always talked and dreamed about that. He is like my brother.” His father Louis wants Latwan to make the choice that is best for him, but when asked about Seth and Latwan’s dream of playing together he said, “If that worked out that way I would love it.”


Louis gets a right of ritual that all men, even those whose sons aren’t big time recruits, enjoy and that is seeing his son grow from a child to a man. “I definitely think a great thing about MSU is the tough love. I have heard nothing but great things about Coach Dantonio.”


Latwan’s primary recruiter has been defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi and nothing would make him and Coach Dantonio happier than if Latwan chose to join the Spartan Nation while here in East Lansing. Latwan is a good kid that could benefit from on the field and off the field systems the Spartans run, and the Spartan Nation could benefit from his talents in the defensive backfield.