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Class of 2024 four-star lineman Eddy Pierre-Louis is from Tampa Catholic High School in Tampa, Florida. He is one of the latest offers by NC State. 

Pierre-Louis is highly sought after. He currently holds 42 offers, including several in the ACC and SEC. 

FanNation caught up with Pierre-Louis to discuss his offer list, including the recent visit from NC State to his school.

All-Wolfpack: At what point in your life did you realize that college football was an attainable dream? 

Pierre-Louis: It was really when I started lifting and taking football seriously. I just wanted to keep grinding. I just wanted to make my mom happy. It was probably my ninth-grade year when I realized that I really have a physical talent. God gave me this, so I can't waste it. 

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All-Wolfpack: How is Tampa Catholic looking this coming season? 

Pierre-Louis: My team is looking pretty solid. We lost a couple of seniors, but the young guys are stepping up, improving and getting better. 

All-Wolfpack: You play both sides of the ball. Which do you prefer?

Pierre-Louis: I prefer to be an offensive lineman, offensive guard. That or probably nose tackle. 

All-Wolfpack: You are a multisport athlete. Besides playing football and basketball, you also are on your school's track team. How has that helped you on the gridiron? 

Pierre-Louis: I did the 100, disc, shot put, and 4-by-100. I feel like it makes me a lot faster and physical off the ball. It just helps me explode. I think multi-sport athletes are really good. I really took it seriously because I see, as an o-lineman, you have got to be able to run and just be more physical upfront. I just feel like it has helped me throughout and it has helped me with my game.

All-Wolfpack: When did you receive your offer from NC State?

Pierre-Louis: [Wednesday afternoon], around 2 p.m. A coach actually visited my school -- the d-line coach (Charley Wiles). He let me know then. He was saying I really like your film, you're a dominant player and you're one of the best players in your class at o-line -- probably the best. The offensive line coach has been talking about me lately and that he wanted to let me know that I have an offer. 

All-Wolfpack: NC State has sent both offensive and defensive linemen to the NFL in recent seasons. Is that the type of thing that could impact your college decision? 

Pierre-Louis: Knowing that the coaches know what it takes to go to the NFL, they are producing d-linemen and o-linemen. I just feel like coaches that have players that have made it to the next level, that is every athlete's dream is making it to the next level and just playing the game that they love. 

FanNation: Do you know anything else about NC State? 

Pierre-Louis: Not much. I played against an NC State-commit, Brandon Cleveland. He was actually a great d-tackle. I played against him. 

FanNation: How many offers do you have and are there any leaders?

Pierre-Louis: I have 42 offers. I really do not have leaders right now. I am just trying to go slow with my recruitment process and see what coaches fit me best.

All-Wolfpack: When you have that many offers, does it become less exciting to hear from coaches?

Pierre-Louis: I still get excited because I just know that I have worked hard for all of this, and these coaches see the potential in me. I just keep coming to grind. 

All-Wolfpack: What is your timetable for deciding? 

Pierre-Louis: This summer I will take visits. Sometime next year I will drop my top-10 or top-12. 

All-Wolfpack: What do you plan on majoring in when you get to college? 

Pierre-Louis: I probably want to major in business management or marine science. Just going to an aquarium, I really liked the experience. I have liked animals since I was like 10 years old. 

All-Wolfpack: What will some lucky college be getting when you make your final decision? 

Pierre-Louis: First, they are getting a student-athlete. Books come first. That's what my mom always wishes, books come first. You are getting a dominant player that likes playing the game. Physical, and just likes running, pancaking people, down blocks. 

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