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Jeremy Pernell

Jeremy Pernell has evaluated prospects for the NFL Draft since 1996. In January of 2002, along with Kyle Knutzen, he co-founded the website The pair ran the site until June of 2014, when they decided to dissolve it to focus on other professional opportunities.

A section of the website was dedicated to fantasy football strategies and projections, which was handled by Knutzen.

With Jeremy expanding his scope to include college recruiting, the majority of the site focused on talent evaluation. It consisted of scouting reports, prospect interviews and player rankings.

It was one of the earliest independent sites of its kind, and Jeremy gained recognition for his ability to identify and project talent. His content has been featured on numerous websites as well as newspapers. With the reputation and popularity of, Jeremy fostered professional relationships with coaches on all levels.

In February of 2013, Jeremy officially joined as a columnist. He contributes recruiting updates, game reviews and opinion pieces about the Nebraska football program. You can contact him at