Talking Notre Dame LB Recruiting, Playing Football In The Spring, Nick McCloud And Much More

Bryan Driskell

The topics on this week's radio interview with Darin Pritchett and Sean Stires at WSBT were broad and quite interesting. We talked about recruiting, moving the college football season to the spring, confidence in playing a full season and more.

1:25 — With recruiting on a dead period since March, and with visits likely to be limited, or even canceled, in the fall, we talked about whether or not there would be the same number of decommitments this season.

2:52 — I give my opinion on pushing the 2020 season to the spring. The reality is you can't just make that move and get back on track the following fall. This kind of move would impact college football for several seasons to come, and I explain why.

6:30 — I am asked about how confident I am in a season happening in 2020.

8:52 — Notre Dame recently failed to make the cut for 2022 DB Bobby Taylor Jr., the son of the former Fighting Irish All-American. I explain why that happened and whether or not Irish fans should be upset.

10:10 — We talk Notre Dame's wildly erratic linebacker recruiting over the last decade.

12:10 — We discuss the importance of graduate transfer Nick McCloud.

13:59 — I was asked to describe my ideal college quarterback, and I had a recent national champion in mind.

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