Talking Duke, Shaun Crawford, Buck Linebacker and the Notre Dame Wide Receivers

In this week's segment with WSBT we talked about Notre Dame and its upcoming matchup against the Duke Blue Devils
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I joined Darin Pritchett and Sean Stires at WSBT Sportsbeat to break down Notre Dame's season opener against Duke. Not only did we talk about the Blue Devils and how I think that game will shake out, but we also discussed the Buck linebacker position, Shaun Crawford and the Irish wideouts.

0:41 - With the Buck linebacker depth chart finally taking shape, we talk about the potential of that position. We also talk about the decision of senior linebacker Jordan Genmark Heath to leave the team.

2:23 - We talk about Genmark Heath and why he struggled to climb up the linebacker depth chart.

3:50 - Up next we discuss how Buck linebackers Shayne Simon and Marist Liufau have complementary skills at the position.

5:18 - Sean asks about what the nickel package will look like now that Shaun Crawford is playing safety.

7:01 - We talk about Crawford taking over the safety position, Brian Kelly's comments and why Crawford deserves so much praise for what he's had to overcome at Notre Dame.

8:54 - The conversation turns to the wide receiver depth chart, and whether or not Duke's size in the secondary had an impact on Notre Dame's decision to start bigger players at the position.

10:07 - We talk about Braden Lenzy's role and whether or not he'll be an impact player for the Irish this fall, and how that should impact the rest of the wide receiver makeup.

11:47 - Duke's defensive line and secondary, which are both quite good, are the next topic of conversation.

13:10 - Darin turns the conversation back to Crawford, and whether or not playing safety makes him more susceptible to further injury.

15:58 - Sean asks me what my main concerns are heading into the 2020 season.

17:12 - Darin asks me how I think the Notre Dame vs. Duke game will play out on Saturday.


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