Notre Dame Commit Darren Agu Is Just Scratching The Surface Of His Elite Talent

Notre Dame defensive end commit Darren Agu is just now starting to tap into his combination of elite talent, size and work ethic
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The Notre Dame defensive recruiting, led by defensive coordinator Marcus Freeman and recruiting coordinator Mike Elston, has put together an impressive 2022 class thus far. One of the six current defensive commits is Rabun Gap (Ga.) Nacoochee end Darren Agu.

Listed as a three-star recruit by the services, Rabun Gap-Nacoochee head coach Joe Sturdivant sees a player with impact talent.

Agu has racked up 31 offers to this day and has been recruited by numerous Power 5 schools at both the tight end and defensive end position. He's also an athlete that was part of a Rabun-Gap track squad that set a school record and won a state championship in the 4x100 meter relay. 

“He has elite track speed”, says coach Sturdivant, who followed with a joke to express his star defender's fire. “He never stops the motor and the only way to get him to stop is shoot him with a tranquilizer.” 

The Irish staff sees his future being the brightest on the edge, and they are hoping they are getting a defender that can rush the passer. Along with his recent track success, Agu and Rabun Gap-Nacoochee also won a state title in football while playing in a league against programs from North Carolina. 

Agu is originally from London, England and has only had one full year of high school football in the states, which means just one year in the program's weight room. He is currently going through a “top notch” training program and is doing all he can to reshape his body in preparation for the next level, and it is starting to pay off.

"He looks like a point guard running on the field,” said the Rabun Gap-Nacoochee head coach. “He’s 6-7, over 230 pounds, and has elite speed with an extremely long body. He does everything that’s asked of him; Notre Dame hit a home run with this commitment.”

Aside from his play on the football field, Agu shows a passion for learning the game, and his head coach called him a "sponge" when it comes to receiving teaching. He is also a young athlete that puts a premium on academics.

"He does tons of film study, and does everything to understand the game more in depth,” explained Sturdivant, who then made clear that Agu has a unique ability to retain information and only needs to be told something once before it starts sinking in. 

Though not a rowdy leader, Agu is an individual who is known among his teammates and coaches for leading by example, and as a young athlete that learned from the upperclassmen who were above him on his team. His coach praised the Notre Dame commit for his work ethic and focus. 

“His mechanics are ahead of his age, football just comes easy to him,” Sturdivant claimed. “[After] one year of spring ball you would’ve thought he’s played football his entire life.” 

If you think Agu was good on film as a junior, wait until you see him now that he has even more experience. You'll likely start to see why Irish Breakdown publisher Bryan Driskell ranks him as a 4.0-star recruit with a 5.0-star upside, and why Notre Dame and Alabama made such a hard push for him this spring.

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