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LIVE UPDATES: No. 10 Oregon vs. No. 17 Utah in Pac-12 Championship

Keep it here for your updates from Allegiant Stadium for the Pac-12 title.

When: Friday December 3, 2021, Approx. 5:14 p.m.

Where: Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas, Nevada)


Broadcast Crew: Chris Fowler (Play-by-play), Kirk Herbstreit (Analyst), Holly Rowe (Sideline reporter)

Stream: FUBOTV

Radio: Oregon Sports Network from Learfield IMG College, local radio: KUJZ-FM 95.3 (Eugene), KFXX-AM 1080 (Portland), Sirius: 133 | XM: 197

Radio crew: Jerry Allen (Play-by-play), Mike Jorgensen (Analyst), Joey McMurry (Sideline reporter), Terry Jonz (Pre-game show)

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FINAL: Utah 38, Oregon 10


- Utah runs out the clock.

- Utah recovers the onside kick attempt as Solomon Enis runs it back for 10 yards to the Oregon 37.

Utah drive 5:15:


- Dye carries for a two-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 38-10 Utah (5:17 4Q)

- Brown carries for two yards.

- Brown throws deep to Isaah Crocker for a gain of 33 yards to the Utah 5.

- Devon Williams gets his first catch of the game for a first down, but after getting wrapped up and tackled, he gets into a scuffle with several Utah defenders and is called for unsportsmanlike conduct.

- Tafua bats down the pass at the line of scrimmage.

- Brown can't connect with Devon Williams, who didn't look back for the ball.

- Dye bursts for a big gain to the Utah 40.

- Dye picks up a third down on third-and-1.

- McGee runs the punt back past the 30. Unsportsmanlike conduct is called on Utah.

Oregon drive 10:14:


- Thomas scores his second touchdown of the night and 20th of the season. PAT is GOOD. 38-3 Utah (10:21 4Q)

- Thomas runs over multiple tacklers to get the first down to the three-yard line.

- On third-and-8, Rising bounces off tacklers to pick up the first down.

- Thomas carries for four yards and a first down.

- Bernard is knocked down before he can get the first down.



- Rising finds Covey for 18 yards and a first down to end the third quarter.

- Bernard carries to the outside for eight, but the Utes are called for holding.

- Micah Bernard runs through multiple defenders behind some dominant blocking to pick up the first down.

- Rising throws with Thibodeaux in his face to Vele for five yards.

Utah drive 1:53:


- On fourth down, Brown's throw to Franklin is incomplete and batted away.

- Brown lobs it to Dye on a wheel route for six yards to bring up fourth-and-4.

- Alex Forsyth is called for a false start.

- Crocker gets his second catch on second-and-long for 13 yards.

- Pututau sacks Brown for another loss.

- Dye picks up the first down into Utah territory.

- Dye carries for 11 yards on second-and-long.

- Brown is sacked by multiple Utes for a two-yard loss.

- Brown throws complete to Franklin for a first down.

- Oregon's offense can't figure things out on time as a delay of game is called.

- Seven McGee fields the punt and sprints past the 30 to the 34.

Oregon drive 6:26:


- TJ Pledger runs up the middle for a four-yard touchdown. Two-point conversion attempt is successful. 31-3 Utah (6:33 3Q)

- Rising runs wild against the Ducks' defense and is tackled after 41 yards.

- Rising throws deep to Vele, but the pass is just a touch out of reach.

- Covey catches the punt and is blasted by Jabril McNeill and Bryan Addison at the 45 of Oregon.

Utah drive 6:59:


- On third and forever, Brown scrambles for a couple yards. Ducks will punt deep in their own territory.

- Dye barely escapes the Utah defense for a small gain.

- Forsyth's snap catches Brown off guard and bounces down to the 1-yard line. Ducks lose 13.

- The punt rolls down to the Oregon 14.

Oregon drive 9:06:


- Rising is pressured and throws behind Kuithe. Fourth down coming for Utah.

- Thomas carries for two yards and loses the football as Noah Sewell punched it out. Utah recovers.

Utah drive 10:32:


- Camden Lewis' 42-yard field goal is GOOD. 23-3 Oregon (10:32 2Q)

- Brown throws to Devon Williams near the end zone, but he couldn't bring it in with Cole Bishop on his back.

- On third-and-12, Oregon calls its first timeout of the half as the play clock winded down.

- Brown is sacked by Cole Bishop on a play action. Loss of four yards.

- Byron Cardwell comes in and is tripped up on the edge by Fillinger for two yards.

- Brown throws on a screen to Dye, who churns up 14 yards and a touchdown.

- Dye carries for 14 yards and a first down.

- Brown keeps and can't get past Bishop. No gain on first down.

- Brown throws to Troy Franklin, and despite the pass being incomplete, Cole Bishop is called for a defensive pass interference.

- Dye is swallowed up for a yard.

- Dye carries for 10 yards on the first snap of the half.

Oregon drive 15:00:


HALFTIME: 23-0 Utah

HALFTIME THOUGHTS: Oregon Trails 23-0


- Jadon Redding's 50-yard field goal is GOOD. 23-0 Utah (0:00 2Q)

- Rising throws complete to Covey for five yards with five seconds.

- Brown throws as he goes out of bounds and is picked off by Malone Mataele. Utes take over at the 37 of Oregon.

- Brown can't connect with Franklin down the field.

Oregon drive 0:24:


- Rising connects with Dalton Kincaid for a 11-yard touchdown. PAT is botched at the snap was too high. 20-0 Utah (0:27 2Q)

- Utah calls its final timeout of the first half as the play clock hits zero.

- Rising hits Kincaid in the hands, but the tight end can't hang on as the pass is high.

- Rising throws a dime to Dalton Kincaid for 29 yards on third-and-14. Oregon calls its second timeout of the half.

- Kayvon Thibodeaux finally emerges, coming through on the right side and sacks Rising. 

- Pledger plunges through multiple Ducks for a short gain.

- Rising throws incomplete to Kuithe, but DJ James is called for a defensive pass interference.

- Oregon calls its first timeout with 1:01 left in the first half.

- Thomas slices through and picks up another first down.

- Thomas moves the pile for nine yards into Oregon territory.


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- Thomas spins on third down to move the chains.

- Rising throws complete to Kincaid for seven yards. Opportunity for Ducks defense to get off the field on third-and-3.

- Rising throws deep to a diving Covey, but the pass is just a bit too far.

- Rising throws complete to Brant Kuithe in between two defenders for a first down.

- Thomas follows his blockers on first-and-15, and Happle brings him down, still sporting the club on his right hand.

- Utah is called for another false start.

- Utah takes over at the 26.

Utah drive 4:04:


- Brown throws middle to Dye, who can only get two. Ducks are 0-5 on third down.

- Dye gets the handoff and picks up four yards. Nephi Sewell flips him down.

- With the Ducks taking over at their own 20, Brown is heavily pressured by Mika Tafua who barges up the middle and forces Brown to throw it away.

Oregon drive 5:40:


- Rising is decked by Kristian Williams and lobs it up. Verone McKinley III picks it off for his nation-leading sixth interception.

- Rising carries for a first down, stiff arming Noah Sewell and fumbling out of bounds.

- On a flea flicker, Rising throws deep to Vele but overthrows him. Fourth-and-1 coming.

- Thomas gets close to the first down marker but is stopped just short.

- Rising is on the money to Covey, who is covered softly by Mykael Wright. Covey earns 14 yards on first-and-15.

- False start on Utah.

- Rising runs forward for four yards and a first down.

- Thomas carries for seven yards with Sewell bringing him down.

- Rising carries for no gain as Thibodeaux brings pressure and Sewell takes him down.

- Rising throws to Theo Howard for the first down. Jeffrey Bassa tackles him right at the marker.

- Pledger picks up another three yards.

- TJ Pledger carries for three yards.


Utah drive 12:00:


- Camden Lewis' 44-yard field goal is NO GOOD. 

- Brown throws out of bounds on third down.

- On third-and-2, multiple Ducks are called for a false start.

- McGee tries to juke a defender, but Lloyd hangs on and forces McGee to pick up just a yard.

- Brown options to Dye who picks up six yards.

- Brown throws complete to Seven McGee for 19 yards.

- Hutson carries for six yards. Alex Forsyth was down but stays on the field.


Oregon drive 14:51:


- Rising throws right to Noah Sewell, who intercepts the pass and returns it to the Oregon 46.



- Ducks gang up on Thomas and stop him on the final two plays of the first quarter.

- Rising completes middle to Dalton Kincaid for 14 yards.

- Covey returns to the Oregon 45.

Utah drive 1:37:


- Brown is sacked on third-and-17 by Jonah Elliss, and Oregon will punt.

- Brown throws to Hutson to the right sideline, and the freshman runs for a first down. Dont'e Thornton is called for an offensive pass interference.

- Brown checks it down to Hutson for eight yards.

- Brown fakes the handoff to Dye and keeps, but is dragged down by Van Fillinger for  a loss of a yard.

Oregon drive 4:11:


- Brown throws right to Devin Lloyd, who intercepts it and runs it back for a 30-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 14-0 Utah (4:16 1Q)

- Brown throws to Isaah Crocker on a tipped ball for five yards, but an ineligible man downfield penalty is called. After review, it will be third down at the 30-yard-line negating the penalty.

- Brown throws incomplete to Troy Franklin as the two miscommunicated.

- Brown carries for a first down, racing past a Utes linebacker to get to the marker.

- McGee returns the punt to the 15.

Oregon drive 5:32:


- On third-and-7, Rising overthrows Covey deep downfield.

- Utes are called for a false start.

- Thomas barrels through multiple defenders for five yards.

- Rising throws to a contested Covey and throws a perfect ball with Jamal Hill grabbing him. First down for Utah.

- TJ Pledger comes in and carries for five yards, but a hold is called against Nick Ford.

- Covey returns the punt deep in his own territory and appears to be stopped, but DJ James hangs on to his face mask. Utes take over at the 32.


Utah drive 7:51:


- Brown dumps it off to Dye, who is tackled by Brandon McKinney short of the first down.

- Brown keeps, but Devin Lloyd brings him down for a yard.

- Alex Forsyth dribbles the snap to Brown, who throws it up to Kris Hutson and incomplete.

- Dye gets great blocking up front and runs forward for a first down. Ducks going to the run more frequently to start than the game two weeks ago.

- Travis Dye's first carry goes for two yards on first-and-5.

- Anthony Brown keeps for no gain, but Utah had a defender lined up in the neutral zone at the snap.

- Seven McGee returns the kickoff to the 26.


Oregon drive 10:42:


- Thomas carries right up the middle for a 2-yard touchdown. PAT is GOOD. 7-0 Utah (10:47 1Q)

- Rising throws to Jaylen Dixon in the corner of the end zone, but Mykael Wright is called for a defensive pass interference.

- Rising's pass bounces off the hands of an open Cole Fotheringham. Third down for Utah.

- Sewell brings down Rising for a loss of two.

- Rising throws to an open Covey who skates past Noah Sewell for a first down into the red zone.

- Rising throws to Solomon Enis in a tight window with Mykael Wright in coverage. Utes get the first down in the middle of the field - similar start to two weeks ago.

- Rising pushes the pile for the first down up to midfield.

- Rising carries for three yards but comes up short of the first down. Fourth-and-1 coming.

- Tavion Thomas' first carry is stopped by Kristian Williams for one yard.

- Cameron Rising throws to an open Devaughn Vele for five yards.

- Covey returns the opening kickoff to the 39.

Utah drive 14:50:


- Oregon has won the toss and deferred to the second half.



- Cornerback Mykael Wright, linebacker Noah Sewell, and tight end/defensive end DJ Johnson are dressed and going through warmups.

- CJ Verdell is on the sidelines, as well as Oregon legend Marcus Mariota, who will be an honorary captain tonight.

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