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Ever since the last basketball game for the Horned Frogs, you would think things would be nice and quiet and blow over like a breeze. But, sports bring the best out of every individual. We definitely have been seeing that beef between players. 

In the Horned Frogs last game. TCU fell to Arizona in the second round of NCAA March Madness tournament. The Horned Frogs lost to Arizona 85-80 in overtime. 

The last possession of regulation, Mike Miles was about to cross half court, and the refs did nothing but kept their whistles in their hands. Miles was bumped by the Wildcats’ Dalen Terry near mid-court with the game tied and the final seconds ticking down. Terry bumped Miles who was attempting to dribble on TCU’s side of the court for a last-second shot attempt. Instead, he fell to the floor, Terry picked up the loose ball, and nearly completed a game-winning dunk before time expired. It was costly because the no-call ruined what TCU had going. TCU was in the double bonus, and if you call the foul, Miles has a chance to ice the game. 

The following game when Arizona lost to Houston, all of TCU felt better as Miles' tweeted: 

From there the shots where firing back and forth from Arizona's Kerr Kriisa and Mike Miles on how the game actually went. 


And now for some much needed commentary by a Sports Ignoramus.  

Let me begin by saying I have no idea what Twitter is, how to use it, nor why it has been fostered on the unsuspecting American public, designed, brilliantly, it would seem, to make us all miserable. 

Nor do I know who this Kerr is.  I only know I don't like him.  Nor do I like the Arizona Wildcats.  I have this distaste on the good authority of The Barry Lewis, witness to their bizarre shenanigans.  

Now to the trash talking. 

It is an indisputable fact that everyone outside of Arizona, nay, Tucson, slept a whole lot better after the Wildcats got their tails kicked by Houston.  Two points for The Mike Miles.  TCU 2.  Arizona 0. 

Barstool TCU:  "Some trash blew in from Tucson."  Boom.  Three point-shot fired, and landed.  Nothing but net.  TCU 5.  Arizona 0.  

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Further pointing out that Kerr Kriisa had more fouls than points in the tournament may or may not be true.  But if it's not true, it's an even better dunk.  TCU 7.  Arizona 0. 

Miles joins in with the legitimate question as to whether Kerr even scored that game.  Definite three-pointer.  TCU 10.  Arizona 0.  The laughing-till-we-cry Emojis each land, free throws, full fisted.  TCU 12.  Arizona 0. 

Kerr butts in now.  Bad move, bro.  If we didn't think you had thin skin before, now you've solidly demonstrated it. 

TCU 12.  Arizona -3.

Kerr's asking whether Miles still thinks he fouled him is erroneous.  Erroneous!  Of course Kerr fouled him!  Kerr fouled everybody!  And, indeed, did, by posing the question.  

TCU 12.  Arizona -5.  

Miles' rejoinder that Kerr may be a hypocrite by blaming a joint injury for his lackluster performance in the NCAA tournament is a perfect double shot.  TCU 16.  Arizona -5.  

Here Kerr proves he's as grand an ass as any spotted in the history of the Southwest, first by demonstrating the degree of his denial--as if he never blamed his performance on a hurt ankle (and no shame in it, had he)--and second by having the temerity to call Miles "my boy."   

It should be obvious to everyone right now that the two players have chosen the wrong sport to devote their energies.  They should be boxers.  Or MMA fighters.  Or hockey players.  Then they could beat each other within every inch of their mutual lives and talk about it later.  Having said that, if they have nothing better to do, they can always run for office in 2024.  

Anyway, the social media game is up.  

TCU 12.   Arizona -583920342985856329.  

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