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Championship Week is upon us. You have the Cowboys of Oklahoma State facing off against the Bears of Baylor. All of TCU wants to put this season behind them. Baylor and Oklahoma State proved themselves this year to be the top two teams in the Big 12. They both have fast, well-executed, and dynamic offenses. They both also have good leadership on their defenses. Although Baylor lost to Oklahoma State early on, it wasn't by much. Oklahoma State only won by 10 points. So, this will be a good rematch. So really, if Baylor wins, that makes TCU Big 12 Champions because TCU beat Baylor this year. Unpopular opinion, I know. Sorry, not sorry! 

The game is held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday, December 4, at 11:00 a.m. 

Here is the Depth Chart for Oklahoma State's  offense, defense, and special teams:

OSU Offense

QB: Spencer Sanders, Shane Illingworth

RB: Jaylen Warren, Dominic Richardson

WR (Z): Tay Martin, Cale Cabbiness

WR (Y): Brennan Presley, John Paul Richardson

WR (H): Rashod Owens OR Blaine Green

WR (X): Bryson Green OR Jaden Bray

LT: Cole Birmingham, Caleb Etienne OR Taylor Miterko

LG: Josh Sills, Tyrese Williams

C: Danny Godlevske, Joe Michalski

RG: Hunter Woodward, Hunter Anthony

RT: Jake Springfield OR Preston Wilson

OSU Defense

DE: Brock Martin OR Collin Oliver, Ben Kopenski

DE: Tyler Lacy, Kody Walterscheid OR Nathan Latu

DT: Brendon Evers OR Jayden Jernigan

DT: Israel Antwine, Sione Asi OR Samuela Tuihalamaka

LB: Malcolm Rodriguez, Kamyrn Farrar

LB: Devin Harper, Mason Cobb OR Lamont Bishop

CB: Jarrick Bernard-Converse, Jabbar Muhammad

CB: Christian Holmes, Korie Black

S: Tanner McCalister, Thomas Harper

S: Jason Taylor II, Sean Michael Flanagan

S: Kobly Harvell-Peel, Trey Rucker

OSU Special Teams

P: Tom Hutton, Tanner Brown

K: Tanner Brown, Alex Hale

KO: Tanner Brown OR Brady Pohl

LS: Matt Hembrough, Zeke Zaragoza

H: Tom Hutton, Brady Pohl

KR: Brennan Presley OR Dominic Richardson OR Zach Middleton OR Jaylen Warren

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PR: Brennan Presley, John Paul Richardson

Here is the Depth Chart for Baylor's offense, defense, and special teams:

Baylor Offense

QB: Gerry Bohanon, Blake Shapen

WR: Tyquan Thornton, Jackson Gleeson

WR: RJ Sneed, Hal Presley

WR: Josh Fleeks, Monaray Baldwin

LT: Connor Galvin, Elijah Ellis

LG: Khalil Keith, Micah Mazzccua

C: Xavier Newman-Johnson, Jacob Gall

RG: Grant Miller or Johncarlo Valentin

RT: Gavin Byers or Khalil Keith

TE: Ben Sims or Drake Dabney or Gavin Yates or Jackson Shupp

RB: Trestan Ebner or Abram Smith or Taye McWilliams or Craig Williams

Baylor Defense

DE: Cole Maxwell, TJ Franklin

NT: Siaki Ika, Chidi Ogbonnaya

DT: Brayden Utley, Gabe Hall

JACK: Ashton Logan, Matt Jones, Garmon Randolph

WILL: Terrel Bernard, Will Williams

MIKE: Dillon Doyle, Matt Jones

STAR: Jalen Pitre, AJ McCarty, Lorando Johnson

S: Christian Morgan, Devin Neal

CB: Kalon Barnes, Zeke Brown, Al Walcott

CB: Raleigh Texada, AJ McCarty

S: JT Woods, AJ McCarty, Al Walcott

Baylor Special Teams

FG: Isaiah Hankins, John Mayers, Noah Rauschenberg

K: Noah Rauschenberg , John Mayers

P: Issac Power, Noah Rauschenberg

S: Thor Rodoni, Gunnar Royer

KR: Trestan Ebner, Josh Fleeks

PR: Trestan Ebner, Josh Fleeks

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