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Dear Wildcats,

These letters are usually kind of snarky. but seeing as how your season is going about as well as ours, maybe we can just wallow in misery together.  We'll actually give you the slight edge, though, since you've won one more game and made an appearance, albeit brief, in the AP Top 25. Looking back on your losses, you really can't be too hard on yourselves; you lost to arguably the best teams in the Big 12: OU, OSU, and Iowa State.  You can pull-off, at least, two more wins from what you have left on your schedule: TCU, at Kansas, West Virginia, Baylor, and at Texas.  Put it this way, we'd trade records and schedules with you in a heartbeat. It's going to take a gift from the football gods to get us to six wins this season.  

So which team will pull off this win?  It's a toss-up. This may surprise you, but we think the Frogs will get it done.  Yes, that wasn't a typo. As history would show, the Frogs are 4-5 against y'all since joining the Big 12, 2-2 in the Little Apple, and have lost the last two match-ups. So, most would think that would point to a sure loss, but we see it differently. You see, just how unlikely can one team be?  We are due a win in each category, the weather is going to be sunny, and in the 60's, plus this is Gary's, Alma Mater. And you can't forget that Vegas has us losing. It's a perfect storm for a win! 

Even if we were having a great season, it would still be hard to pick on y'all.  The Little Apple is a special place and you K-State fans are just so darn nice.  One year you beat us and some of your fans bought us a round of beer because they felt bad that we felt bad. No joke. SO, needless to say, this is one of the best toad trips and fans look forward to it every other year.  

Alright, so I have to have at least one negative.  Your mascot should be the Sheep instead Wildcats. That horrid smell that comes wafting over the field, when the direction of the wind changes, is enough to make the opposing team's players and fans either barf or pass out.  Seriously, it's rank and seeing how your players would have to be immune to the smell, you should automatically get another 3.5 point advantage for every home game.

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As you may have witnessed in past seasons, Horned Frogs spit blood from their eyes when they are angry. We’re looking for a win, so watch out, and FEAR THE FROG.

Go Frogs!


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