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Josiah Jordan-James's LSU Performance Shows a March Contributor

Forward Josiah Jordan-James starred for the Tennessee Volunteers against LSU, and his contributions prove he can be an essential player in the NCAA Tournament.

Tennessee outmatched LSU after a relatively even game in the first half. Forward Josiah Jordan-James was a big reason, as he played one of his best games of the season.

Jordan-James logged 22 points and seven rebounds, making four threes. He also secured three steals, playing both ends of the floor well. When the offense went through tough stretches they went to Jordan-James to take them out of it.

His two-way ability enables him to stay on the floor for most of the game. Jordan-James is 6-6 and 225 lbs., enabling him to switch onto small guards on the perimeter while also holding up against big men on the block.

The Volunteers value the ability to do multiple things well. One-dimensional players become predictable, which good teams key in on. The best March Madness teams win games in different styles with different contributors.

Jordan-James doesn't have to score to play efficient basketball. He can win in several ways, and when teams attempt to take away his top option, Jordan-James can pivot to something else.

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He won with his perimeter shooting against LSU, but it may be different in the next game. The bottom line is that Jordan-James has found his rhythm, and he is a major asset to this team.

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