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Does The College Football Playoff Expansion Benefit Texas?

With the new plan in place for a 12-team playoff, does the move benefit the Longhorns?

Remember when Texas was "back" for good? Maybe now with the new College Football Playoff rules, they will be. 

It was always expected for the CFP committee to eventually move past the Final Four approach and into expansion. If all goes as planned, 2023 will be the first time more than four make the cut. 

The number? Try 12. 

For the Longhorns, this is a good thing. In fact, for all major schools looking to contend for a conference title, it's a blessing in disguise. No longer will players huddle around a TV, praying they are hoisting a trophy and betting on their schedule to carry weight. 

Win and you're in. All five conferences will be represented. At least one non-Power 5 school will be in as well. The next six? Open season. 


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Texas is looking for its first conference title since 2009. They also are looking for their first appearance in the College Football Playoff since its expansion in 2014. 

Is this the right way though? The way that Texas fans always envisioned?

The battle in the Big 12 feels like a three-man race every season — Oklahoma, Texas, insert surprise team here. Last season it was Iowa State. In 2019, Baylor took charge. 

Who's the surprise team in 2021? Maybe Texas itself?

Naturally, it becomes boring watching the same three, plus a wild card always representing the New Year's Eve shindig. Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson own property in all six cities, ready for the call of where they're headed. 

More often than not, Oklahoma lands in the No. 4 spot. Don't believe me? In the seven seasons of the playoff, the four teams mentioned represented 20 of the 28 selections. Two more have been claimed by Notre Dame. Alabama has missed once. 

Making 12 teams adds more names to the final pot, giving everyone an opportunity to win it all if they played well enough. Now losing the conference championship isn't a sour note. 

If your record is good enough, the consolation prize is competing for the national title. Heck, if you're really good, you might even host a playoff game. 

All for one and one for all, right? 

No. That shouldn't be the case in the slightest. 

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The playoffs have become a bore, but the teams there are selected for the right reason. Every team selected has either finished undefeated or had one loss on its season. 

Why? Because they're good. They've earned it.

Is Texas ready to be the best? They won't have to anymore since two or even three losses still could land you the No. 12 seed. 

Texas is hopeful for brighter days ahead under Steve Sarkisian. Pieces are in place for them to contend right away. And Sark? Call him an expert in the recruiting game. 

The Forty Acres will soon be back in winning in the recruiting game. Can they win on Saturdays in games that matter? 

Sarkisian was brought into Texas to bring them back to the title game. That means perfection, not persistence. Teams with two losses are basically receiving a participation trophy and a pat on the back to be included. 

'Good job. You're all special' says the College Football Playoff Committee. 

Give me a break. 

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Texas is hopeful 2021 and beyond are playoff seasons, but they must earn it. Earn is the keyword, but one forgotten in the realm of sports today. If Texas wanted 9-3, Tom Herman had another year on the deal. 

Expansion was always destined to happen. Eight teams is the max it should ever be — the conference champions and three at large. Done deal. 

Keep in mind that the past three seasons, at least three teams finished with one loss or better. You don't think next season you'll see at least three more? 

Not to be the old guy in the room, but remember when only two teams battled for a title in a flawed system? That was less than a decade ago. Now, we're reaching a dozen. 

Texas will benefit from expansion, but let's not pretend they will contend with three losses. No one ever said 'three losses means top team.'

And no one ever will. 

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