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Ja'Cari and Demari Henderson Open Up About Their UCF Commitments

ORLANDO - When home is truly home. That’s what ended up mattering the most to Sanford (Fla.) Seminole prospects Ja’Cari and Demari Henderson.

ORLANDO - When home is truly home. That’s what ended up mattering the most to Sanford (Fla.) Seminole prospects Ja’Cari and Demari Henderson.

With offers from across the country, like Kentucky, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Miami, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Michigan, Florida State, Ole Miss, and North Carolina State among others, the twins decided to stay close to home and play for UCF, as well as play with close friend and high school teammate Kameron Moore. Moore is already committed to UCF to play linebacker.

(L - R) In the tweet above, that's Kameron Moore, Seminole Head Coach Eric Lodge, Ja'Cari Henderson and Demari Henderson.

From Seminole High School’s home football field to the Bounce House, it’s only 16 miles. After interviewing the two standout defensive backs, that’s fine with them. The twins took a few minutes after Monday’s practice to answer questions about their UCF commitments.

So, what was it that made you guys pick UCF?

(Demari) “I picked UCF because it felt like home. Good environment; I felt like outside of football you can do a lot of things at UCF.”

Demari continued, “The coaching staff, they are cool. And, I want to go play with my brother Kam (Moore). We all started this thing together and we are going to end it together,” Demari said matter of factly.

(Ja’Cari) “It’s family,” Ja’Cari started off by saying. “We’ve been talking about this for a long time. A lot of people doubted us when we were young, but we always stayed together no matter what. No matter what happened, we were going to stay together, so...It’s family, and we are going to get another chance to play with him at the next level (at UCF).

“Another thing, I talk with the coaches. They are going to keep it straight forward with you. They are not going to sugarcoat anything. They are going to keep it real.”

Postion-wise, do you guys really care what position you play?

Note: Since they were young, Demari played safety and Ja’Cari played corner.

(Demari) “I’m not moving to corner.”

(Ja’Cari) “He’s been playing safety his whole life.”

I get that. Just hypothetically, could you do it?

(Demari) “I’m going to play safety, but I want to learn all the other positions.”

(Ja’Cari) “So you can be labeled as a DB and not just one position.”

That’s smart.

(Demari) “I’m coming in and I’m learning the safety spot first. Then I want to learn the other positions. I’ll get that (safety position) down pat, I’ll learn the other spots.”

Have the UCF coaches talked to you about playing rover or nickel?

(Demari) “We don’t really talk like that. We just have regular conversations.”

Which guy on the staff besides Co-Defensive Coordinator Travis Williams did you guys bond with the most?

(both players talking at once) “I like old-man Gibbs,” the twins stated while laughing.

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Both Demari and Ja’Cari made it clear that Co-Defensive Coordinator and Defensive Backs Coach David Gibbs is actually a really funny guy.

(Demari) “I love (Coach) Gibbs though.”

(Ja’Cari) “He’s going to make you laugh. You just have to be around him.”

(Demari) “You can’t explain it.”

(Ja’Cari) “It’s just (Coach) Gibbs.”

Final Thoughts

Both of Ja’Cari and Demari are locked in with UCF. They made it abundantly clear during the interview, as well as from just being around them during practice, they are happy their recruitments came to a close.

As for Moore and his involvement with the twins' recruitment, he certainly helped UCF’s cause. How much? That’s hard to say. The three are together quite often, as they noted, like family. That family will now be headed 16 miles south to the Bounce House.

Look for a UCF recruiting overview later this week. UCF’s recruiting class is really picking up steam.

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