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Former Knight Gabriel Davis Brings NFL Players to UCF

Gabriel Davis returned to UCF for a special NFL summer practice.

Fellow Buffalo Bill Isaiah Hodgins and Green Bay Packer Sammy Watkins joined Gabriel Davis at the UCF Football facilities for some running and catching drills with NFL performance coach Bert Whigham.

“It’s a good look for the school, and I also feel like it motivates the college guys,” Davis said. “Having recruits come here and seeing pro athletes here in the facility, whether it is catching us on the side, asking for some knowledge, it just motivates them.”

Davis most recently completed his second season with the Bills following three years as a UCF Knight. This past postseason with the Bills, Davis set an NFL record of receiving touchdowns in one playoff game, scoring four times against the Kansas City Chiefs.

But Davis’ success is not something new. As a Knight, Davis finished with the second most receiving touchdowns in school history with 23 and was part of the undefeated 2017 team, the latter being something Davis said is one of the things other players joke with him when talking about UCF.

“I feel like we had the best team in college football that year,” Davis said.

Gabriel Davis was a great receiver for the Knights.

Gabriel Davis was a great receiver for the Knights.

He also said UCF is currently full of great players, and he is happy he helped put the team on the map of college football, which helped him with connections with others.

Watkins’ connections with the Sunshine State go beyond his friendship with Davis. The Green Bay Packer was born in Fort Myers and was a letterman in football, basketball and track and field for South Fort Myers high school.

Watkins said he thinks the UCF Football program is special after seeing the work players and the staff are doing, whether it is on the field or preparing to enter it.

“If they can keep doing what they’re doing, they’re probably gonna have a special season,” Watkins said.

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He also said it is critical to have someone to work with players during the offseason, and working with a player like Davis, who Watkins sees as a special type of player, is very important because they can all learn from each other.

After Watkins overcame some injuries, he is feeling rejuvenated and is “ready to take off” following the workouts with Davis and his colleagues.

Hodgins also made it clear that Davis is a big fan of the state of Florida who is always trying to convince his peers to pay a visit to UCF.

“I loved it so far, man,” Hodgins said. “I mean, I feel like it’s great to train in the heat, train with other great players, and have a facility that has everything for you. It’s been great.”

Davis said Florida has always been his home, and being used to training in the heat is an advantage for him.

He also said the summer workouts are helping him get to peak condition to compete, both skill-wise and physically.

“I know camp is going to be really crazy, so you gotta be prepared for it,” Davis said.

With the Knights moving to the Big XII next year, Davis said UCF will keep upping its competition and marking its presence even more at a national stage.

“I’m excited for UCF and what they got going on,” Davis said. “I feel it has been years in the making, and I am happy to be a part of that.”

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