USC Legend Ronnie Lott Talks Pac-12 Finding New Commissioner

The Pac-12 is expected to part ways with commissioner Larry Scott in June and USC legend Ronnie Lott shares what traits the presidents should look for when selecting the new hire.
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If you love USC football, then you're probably familiar with the name Ronnie Lott. One of the greatest players to ever play the game at both the college and pro-level.

Lott played four years at USC [1977-1980] and helped the Trojans attain two Rose Bowl victories and a national championship back in 1978. He became a consensus All-American his senior year at USC, before entering the 1981 NFL Draft. 

Lott was drafted early by the San Francisco 49ers in the first round. He spent 14 years in the NFL, ten years with the 49ers and his remaining four with the Los Angeles Raiders [1991-1992] and New York Jets [1993-1994]. 

Throughout his stellar NFL career, the former USC defensive back developed a reputation as one of the most feared defensive players in the league and he became well known for his "hard-hits".

Lott received ten Pro-Bowl selections and an induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2002.

Although it's been several years since Lott has taken the football field as a player in both the NFL and NCAA, he has remained very involved within the football community. Lott is a prevalent member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he has served as an analyst for various networks, and is member of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee. 

Now, there have been many changes within the college football arena since Lott left the game, and even more this past 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one of the biggest changes within the Pac-12 this year was the conferences decision to part ways with commissioner Larry Scott

We asked Lott his opinion on the Pac-12's decision to part ways with Scott in an exclusive AllTrojans interview and Lott said, "first of all, you think about what Larry [Scott] did....I remember them trying to start a network, [it was] hard, very hard. It's one of the things in life, that when you are an entrepreneur it is the most difficult thing. You are on a journey and you don't even know where you are going but you're going. So kudos to him to actually getting it [the Pac-12] to where it is today."

Scott spent 11 years with the Pac-12 as the league's commissioner and made several positive contributions which added value to the conference. During his tenure, the Pac-12 expanded from the Pac-10 adding Utah and Colorado back in 2011. 

Under Scott's leadership, the Pac-12 also added a football championship game and the conferences own network back in 2012, the Pac-12 Networks.

Despite these incredible accomplishments, many have criticized Scott's efforts to make the Pac-12 as competitive as other members of the Power Five [hint the SEC]. 

We asked Lott what traits are important to look for when selecting the Pac-12's newest commissioner and he said, "I hope that the presidents are able to find a person that can not only lead but also be a person that might have to let someone else lead and follow."

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