Day Ten Living in Quarantine for COVID-19 And No Sports

Greg Arias

What's life like for you and your family in the face of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic that has brought a majority of the world and our nation to a near standstill? 

Everyone will have a different story, some being better, some worse, some funny and some tragic. Unfortunately, that's how this will be remembered for each of us when all is said and done and we can return to life as we knew it before our world was turned upside down. 

My family and I have been fortunate to this point, none of us have been diagnosed with the virus to this point, and God willing, we can keep it that way. I say that not in boast, but we have been lucky, and my heart breaks for those who have not had the same good fortune.

Thirteen days ago after the cancelation of the remainder of the Men's SEC Basketball Tournament here in Nashville, I returned home to face the uncertainty of the coming days like everyone else trapped in this real-life science-fiction movie. 

Since that time I have left home twice, once on Saturday to go take care of some things with my future son-in-law and then on Monday when I went grocery shopping for my parents (dad's 75 and mom's 72) who are both following the request for the elderly or infirmed to remain inside.

What I witnessed outside the four walls that have contained and protected me and my better half (ask her, he will tell you that's true) was both shocking and surreal. It reminded me in some ways of the old Mad Max movie Beyond Thunderdome, minus the weird outfits.

Being a sportswriter has been a blessing to me in this time since I can, and do more often than not under normal circumstances write from home, so that part has not changed. It has allowed me to keep a sense of normalcy about as the world around us seems more and more uncertain every day.

Yes, I definitely outkicked my coverage. Photo Courtesy: Greg

The better half also works from home the majority of the time and so being trapped inside together is not that different from our regular life, other than me being gone at different hours covering games when they were being played. 

When not working we have likely been doing what everyone else has done, spent time watching Netflix and binge-watching everything we missed when our lives were more hectic. 

How exactly does this come anywhere close to being of interest to Vanderbilt fans, or tie into coverage of Commodore athletics?

Well, I'm glad you asked because this is where I say thank you to the fine folks in the sports information office inside McGugin Center, as they have been readily available to answer questions- yes via email and phone only- for any and all questions I have had, and those of others too who I'm sure have done the same. 

Alan George, Andy Boggs, Andrew Pate, and Larry Leathers have all responded to and answered my questions during this period of unusual life for us all, and this seemed like a perfect time and way to say a public 'thank you' to these fine gentlemen for all their help throughout the seasons and still today. 

As for you, the great folks who might take the time to read this, thank you as well for following along and I hope that you and your families and loved ones are as blessed and fortunate as me and mine have been so far during this crisis. 

With any luck, life for all of us can begin to return to normalcy soon, but until that time, remember to stay safe, wash your hands at tell those you love the most how important they are because tomorrow is not given for any of us at this point.