Missing Vanderbilt Baseball, Hot Dogs, Peanuts, And Crack Jacks

Greg Arias

Baseball is "America's Pastime" for many reasons, so much so they even wrote a song about it that mentions why we love it so. 

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and a good ole hot dog are just some of the things we enjoy about going to a baseball game. 

Now in keeping with my theme of total honesty, I'm not a huge hotdog fan. I don't buy them or eat them at home, but what I wouldn't give to be able to consume a couple of them right now at Hawkins Field, or any baseball stadium for that matter, other than Camden Yards where the Crab Cake sandwiches rule. 

Where's all this going, you ask?

Baseball just happens to be the only sport my mom enjoys, and dad is a huge Vanderbilt fan, so when I began this job covering the Commodores, mom and dad, along with my better half all decided they wanted to see the Vandy Boys play. 

There's just something about seeing champions play, right. So I was tasked with figuring out which games they should attend and purchasing their tickets, which as a good son and husband I agreed to do. 

We decided they should see three games, but not all in a weekend series. Left to choose the games I went with tickets to an SEC weekend game along with midweek matchups with Austin Peay- I grew up in Clarksville, and dad took us to Gov's games, so it seemed appropriate- along with Lousiville for apparent reasons. 

Of course, with the season cancellation, no one is attending any games, but on Tuesday night, my mom called to remind me that we would have all should have been at Hawkins Field for the Austin Peay game that night. 

After a disheartening few minutes of conversation- not because of mom, just missing baseball- we said our goodbyes, hung up, and I went about reading an email from work on some stories others were working on for this week.

One story involved the hot dog industry and the impact or lack thereof that the current baseball situation has had on their business, which, combined with mom's call, made me miss the games even more. 

Yes, I know this is tough on us all, and I feel for everyone from the fans to the players, coaches, and all the vendors, ushers, and ticket personnel who are also missing games and income. 

It stinks, and like you all, I'm ready for it to end and baseball to return. Until then, maybe I'll buy a pack of dogs, fire up the grill and watch a replay of last year's Vanderbilt and Lousiville game. I hear it was a pretty good one. 

Oh, and, by the way, the hot dog industry is doing just fine. Seems people being stuck at home are eating even more of them these days. 

Oh and to answer that age-old question, no a hot dog is not a sandwich. 

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