Audio Released Of LSU's Will Wade, You Decide

Greg Arias

Recently I wrote of the potential black eye the SEC in particular and college athletics as a whole are taking and will continue to endure in the wake of the recruiting scandals that involve LSU and Arizona that has turned into a federal investigation.  

HBO special, "The Scheme" aired on the network Monday night, included in the program were audio recordings of Tigers coach Will Wade speaking with would-be agent/handler Christian Dawkins about the recruitment of a player.

Much of the language used by Wade in the recording is "off-color" and not worthy of inclusion in print here, but attached below is the audio of Wade and Dawkins's conversation.  

Opinions will vary as to the comments made by Wade in the recording, and there will be a debate, and defense coming-as there already is from the LSU faithful- on social media, but there are some things that shouldn't be open for discussion.

One, it's pretty clear from listening that Wade is guilty of at least offering money to at least one recruit here. Two, he was upset that the recruit in question had not taken the offer right away.   

Wade made reference to the "strong ass offer" he made to the recruit along with stating that the offer was more than the (NBA) D-League would pay for this player. 

"The audio—some of which was not entered into federal court and has never been heard before—will provide pertinent, first-hand information for NCAA investigators working to finalize cases involving LSU and Arizona. Much of that information comes from the mouths of the coaches themselves. That’s a significant development."

Already people are lining up in defense of Wade, though most of those are adorned in purple and gold, while the rest of the college sports world and the SEC wait to see where this will ultimately end. 

As most everyone knows the NCAA lacks subpoena power to gather information in relation to their investigation, but the federal investigation, and now the public release of these taped recordings gives investigators working on behalf of the NCAA an early Christmas present wrapped neatly in a bow that the boys from Indy will gladly accept. 

Wade remains the Tigers head coach at this time but given these newest recordings how long will the university be willing to hold on and wait before making a move, or will they?

Regardless of what the powers that be in Baton Rouge decide, or how quickly they move from this, or if they even move, this is, without doubt, a bad look for the school as a whole. That look will get worse if Wade- and Miller at Arizona- face arrest and prosecution for federal charges in the future.      

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