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The 2019 College Football Playoff starts later this afternoon with two great matchups between the four best teams in the nation. Game one features LSU and Oklahoma while the nightcap gives us Clemson vs Ohio State. 

These are two games featuring tons of talent and a laundry list of names you will hear called in the NFL Draft over the next two seasons. Reigning Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow, Clemson quarterback and defending national champ Trevor Lawrence, former national champ Jalen Hurts of Oklahoma and possibly future national champ Justin Fields of OSU. And those are just the four quarterbacks. 

Yes, we know this is a Vanderbilt site and the Commodores are unfortunately not in the playoff field this season, but we thought it would be fun to take a shot at predicting the outcomes of all three games because the Commodores faced one of the four teams involved in LSU early on in the season. 

The Tigers rolled into Music City and smoked the Commodores 66-38 behind their future Heisman winner as Burrow tossed it around Dudley for 398 yards and six touchdowns. It was a preview of the season he would have.

That aside, Zach Williams and I now take our shot at predicting the outcome of the 2019 playoffs. 


ZACH: I know people will think that this is the words of either an LSU hater or an Oklahoma fan, but I’m putting experience in my corner. Jalen Hurts has been here before, and it’s not every year you get a college QB that has been there and done that on the biggest stage of college football. Give me the Sooners. Oklahoma 35 LSU 30


GREG: Their offense has been the story for both teams this season. Neither defense is elite, but "Da Tigas" played well enough to remain unbeaten. Burrow and Hurts will likely put up points and stats in this one, but the team with the best defense will win. LSU moves on. LSU 41 Oklahoma 38


ZACH: Disregard my last pick explanation, when you have two Heisman nominees (one on each side of the ball) big things will happen. I know Clemson has a QB that has been here before but, this defensive pressure will subdue him, and the ground game will control the tempo and will let the buckeyes control this game. Give me the O-H-I-O Buckeyes in this one. Ohio State 28 Clemson 21

GREG: Newsflash, Clemson ins much better than some people think despite their schedule being hot garbage. The Tigers haven't been challenged this season and because of that weak slate, they're healthy and their angry now because Dabo Sweeney has been playing the disrespected card like a fine instrument for weeks. The Tigers are the defending champs and have a ton of talent, more talent that the Buckeyes have seen this season. Conversely, OSU has more talent than Clemson has seen this season. This should be a good one with two future first-round NFL picks under center. In the end, I  think experience and talent win out. Clemson advances to New Orleans. Clemson 31 Ohio State 28 


ZACH- Oklahoma vs Ohio State: Do you remember the El Paso Gunfight in 1881 or maybe the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral?? Look, I think this game will be an old fashioned shootout that will come down to the final drive, and I think a QB who has looked for redemption after leaving Alabama will have a chance to write his name in the history books with a final drive for the ages, and just like Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp, Jalen Hurts will ride into the sunset with a victory. Give me the Sooners. Oklahoma 42 Ohio State 40


GREG- LSU vs Clemson: "Da Tigas vs The Tigers" in a first where two teams with the same mascot will lineup for the title. As I said above, Clemson is better than people think. LSU has a suspect defense while at least statistically Clemson is better, but their schedule was terrible. Still, in the end, I think Clemson is better, especially if the injury to LSU's running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire is something that keeps him out of the Oklahoma game and this one. The Tigers for the win Alex! Clemson 35 LSU 30